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Is my moisturizer making me break out?

I am currently using an oil free moisturizer someone suggested to me at Ulta.  Prior to this I always used one with saylic acid.  The reason for my change was because I switched my skin care routine and was using a lot of products with saylic acid in them and the lady I talked to said that using too much saylic acid can actually cause more acne because your skin is constantly trying to produce oil to replace the oils taken away by the acid. 


Now I am looking for a different moisturizer (I like the rest of my current routine which I will list below) maybe one with saylic acid of sulfur in it.  I have been looking at the philosopy line at the 'clear' and 'deep breath' moisturizers.  My skin is normal I am just dealing with break outs!


Skin care routine:

Philosophy purity face wash (morning and night)

philosophy microdelivery exfoliating wash (every 4 days)

oil free moisturizer in the morning

Maracuja Oil at night after washing my face before bed

Murad acne spot treatment before bed


Thank You!


Re: Is my moisturizer making me break out?

Which moisture specifically are you using/what brand?


How long have you noticed the breakouts coming since switching?


Though what the associate at Ulta said can hold some truth, it could also work in the same sense that previously the use of salicylic acid had your acne under control because you were treating oil/acne issue so meticulously that the moment you ease up and switch a product out your skin is going "Hey, we're not being treated for something to control acne/oil as much, so yay, that means we can produce the same amount as before!" In other words, as you used the moisturizer with salicylic acid your skin got used to it, so once you switched over, there was no extra dose to keep your skin in check so any oil produced will now cause breakouts.


Are you noticing the breakouts reoccuring in the same spots? Does the spot treatment help rid them in a timely fashion?


If you say your skin is normal and it's just a few blemishes here and there, there's no need to launch into a full blown acne line which can be too powerful for your skin. There's a difference between getting 1-10 pimples, to 10+ leading into full blown acne.



Re: Is my moisturizer making me break out?

I have had breakouts occuring since September when I tried one of the Dermoligica kits... That ended very badly even after I gave it 2 months try so now I am on my current routine which helps... and the spot treatment I think helps a little bit but not much. Should I try one of these other moisturizers?


Also I have to check the moisturizer later when I get home I can't find it on their website anymore (strange since I just bought it at the beginning of December).


Re: Is my moisturizer making me break out?

Stay away from oil, unless you have dry skin.  Philosophy products are known for clogging pores, so beware.  The only moisturizer that i have found that does not cause breakouts is Simple Replenishing Moisturizer (found at target), or Clinique Dramatically different Moisturizing gel.  As for your acne treatment, i'd try something with benzoyl peroxide in it. 

Re: Is my moisturizer making me break out?

I don't think that the maracuja oil is a good thing for your skin, I know everyone says that have miraculous results with the oil but your just clogging pores. Go with the products like Murad skin perfecting lotion, Philosophy clear days ahead or the Dr. Gross' trifix oil free hydrator. You might of have normal skin but it can easily break out and I think the oil is the major cause, try taking it out of your routine and see if that helps your skin. But the person you talked to was right, too much scrubbing or cleansing will cause your skin to produce more oil. Hope this helps!

Re: Is my moisturizer making me break out?

Thank you this was helpful! The oil does make my skin nice but not if it's causing the acne! I will try the cleardays ahead I think..

Re: Is my moisturizer making me break out?

It's important to know there's a difference between synthetic oils and plant based-botanical oils. Syntethics are the ones you should try to steer clear from as they can do more harm than good depending on your skin type, while botanical based oils help nourish because they come the closest to mimicking the natural oils your skin produces to naturally keep hydrated.


With thank being said. If you noticed the breakouts occurring after the beginning of a whole new skin care regiment and it extended beyond a "purging" process or time frame, I would slowly ease and calm your skin back into rotation by using very simplistic formulas. The less complicated the better, there won't be as much chances as ingredients to combat one another and cause irritation or break outs.


Look for products that are gentle and nonirritating from brands such as CetaPhil and CeraVe (my personal fave). CeraVe's wash doesn't contain sulfates and is rich in ceramides and hyaloronic acid which helps to bind healthy moisture to skin. Their day lotion is my fave, it's noncomedogenic, and the formula is simple and to the point. You can still use the spot treatment on the few breakouts you have, maybe even switch to just a salicylic based treatment or just a benzoyl peroxide one (I would advise not using both or multiple treatments). Neutrogena and Boscia make some great options.


Try using the maracuja oil solely on dry spots or maybe everything second or third night.


See if simplifying your routine and formulas will help get your skin back to normal, then you can slowly reintroduce more treatment based products.

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