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Is Winged Eyeliner Dressy?

Is winged eyeliner dressy? Does it work with a casual eyeshadow color and lip color?

Re: Is Winged Eyeliner Dressy?

It s depends on how thick you make it. Traditionally I think a lot people see it as a dressy sort of look, but I wear it everyday. I am a bit more dramatic, so it fits my personality. But as long as you keep it on the thin line side, I think it will look wonderful for everyday look. Then again, I do that Smiley Wink

Re: Is Winged Eyeliner Dressy?

Hi MaddyLove,


I'd say winged liner & a bright lip is absolutely classic!  You can certainly play it up or dress it down, depending on where you're going and what you're doing.  Have fun with it!


xo, Mia


Re: Is Winged Eyeliner Dressy?

I agree with the other comments. In addition, I think color effects its dressy-ness. Brown tends to be more of a natural/casual/daytime color, while navy or black can be dressier.


Also, casual eyeshadow and lip colors can complement the winged liner very well by letting it stand out instead of drawing attention away from it, creating a classy and sophisticated type of look.

Re: Is Winged Eyeliner Dressy?

I agree with Mia  I think it's all in the way you apply it for day/ casual or dressy have fun with it and make it your own. Hope this helps!

Re: Is Winged Eyeliner Dressy?

I agree that it can definitely be made both dressy and casual.  For casual wear, I'd use a brown eyeliner, and keep the line thin and close to the lashline before you wing it out a little.  To make it dressier, I love the look of a winged black liquid eyeliner, especially with a red lip (but that's optional of course).  Also feel free to make the line a bit thicker with the black liner than you would for casual wear.  Hope this helps!

Re: Is Winged Eyeliner Dressy?

For dressy occasion, I do a med/thick black wing with no or neutral light eyeshadow. For normal occasions, I do a thin/med thickness one with brown or colored pencil by itself, or a black one over intense shadows just to tie the look together.

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