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Incredibly itchy skin

I have incredibly itchy skin. I scratch all the time. I actually have three-four inch scars down my legs where I scratch. While I can generally manage during the day, nighttime is the worst. I have tried a variety of products, and most work for two or three months. I keep my nails short, drink water, and lotion as much as I can. But willing to take any advice. Thank you. 

Re: Incredibly itchy skin

I have similar issues. Two things: visit a dermatologist, you may have eczema and be in need of some topical steroids; visit an allergy specialist, you may Be allergic to something in your environment or in your diet, either of which can result in urticaria (the technical term for itchy hives). With the right treatment and avoidance of triggers you can be relative itch free in no time! 


Good luck! Oh, and use Mederma on the scars on your legs, it can really help minimize them. 

Re: Incredibly itchy skin

Thank you for the Mederma suggestion, I will certainly check it out.  I am awaiting the appointment with the dermatologist... hopefully they have some answers. 

Re: Incredibly itchy skin

You're welcome. I have been dealing with Dyshidrotic Eczema for about 10 years now, it only flares up when I am really stressed out or I come into contact with something I'm allergic to, like cats Smiley Sad I also found cutting out a lot of nickel and gluten from my diet helped tremendously with my specific diagnosis. Hopefully your doc will be able to give you a specific diagnosis; it took a few years and lots of specialists before I found someone who could really help me with my weird skin, lol. Again, best of luck!

Re: Incredibly itchy skin

Hi SassyRouge,


I'd highly recommend consulting your primary physician or even a dermatologist. It sounds like your skin may be aggravated due to perhaps a product you are using or even a textile. I suffer from eczema, extremely sensitive skin, and I'm allergic to certain laundry detergents. A dermatologist will be able to recommend some products and lifestyle changes to assist you in making this itchy situation a thing of the past.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Incredibly itchy skin

Hi, SassyRouge!  I'm sorry about your skin condition.  I have trichotillomania--I pull out my eyelashes and eyebrows.  Like you, I'm fine during the day; but at night, forget it!  What I found that helps me is keeping my hands busy, so I crochet.  Every year I crochet so many scarves and afghans, I donate them to our organization's annual charity (at Christmas).  It's usually a battered women's shelter, so even though I have this horrible OCC disorder, I'm able to help women and children who are going through something much worse than me.

Re: Incredibly itchy skin

I knit! Keeps my hands busy, and away from my skin. And babies get blankets. I agree, it is good to turn some personal discomfort into a little bit of happiness for others. 


Re: Incredibly itchy skin

i have the same issue and nothing seems to help... the urge only seems to last for two week spurts for me so i usually take a benadryl so i conk out and cant scratch.

Re: Incredibly itchy skin

So many good suggestions. Thank you. It seems the best bet is to just wait for the doctor and sit on my hands until then. Smiley Happy

Re: Incredibly itchy skin

Put socks or gloves over your hands at night, it's not unusual to "sleep scratch."  I do it when I have eczema flares.  You really need to see the doc but in the meantime you can try and OTC cortisone cream which will take care of most minor itchies and knock back the serious ones a little bit.  It could be eczema, contact dermatitis, or a few other things but it's definitely doctor seeing stuff.


On the bright side at least it's just your legs, there are far worse places where things like eczema can flare up like ear canals.

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