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In-Store Make-over

So I made an appointment for an In-store makeover just to try out so new things before I bought them. When I made the appointment they didn't tell me much so can anyone give me the run down on how it works??


Do I tell them what I want to try out, or do they make suggestions?

Will they pressure me into buying what "they" like or use on me instead of what I want?


I guess I just want to know what to expect. I'd love to leave there looking awesome with a shopping bag full of new make up! Smiley Happy


This is how appointments typically go at the Sephora in L...

This is how appointments typically go at the Sephora in Louisville, Ky:: When you arrive at the store you purchase a $50 gift card at the register and let them know you're there for your appointment. I would try to get there a little bit early if possible. Once you are greeted by the cast member who is doing your makeover, you can go over with them what kind of look you're going for, your overall skincare concerns, what type of make up you like, etc. Typically, based on what you tell them you want, they can tailor to your needs. (ie "I have dark circles that I hate" will get a response of eye creams and concealers to try, which they will probably put on your face during the consultation.)


As long as you are honest about what you want, what you're looking for, and what your price point is, I feel like the Sephora cast members doing a good job of deliviering what you will need, and like as well.


Hope this helps! Enjoy your consultation! Smiley Happy


EDIT: I'm assuming most consultations are like this by the way!

I have had a few very different experiences, so it depend...

I have had a few very different experiences, so it depends on the cast member. I had one that was very frustrating - I told her what I wanted to try and she used everything but what I wanted! Sigh. At my store, every cast member seems to have their own area of expertise and/or look, so find one with a look that matches what you would like. Also, be honest and open with your cast member, and remember you can always sample and 'play' with the make-up on your own, too. Get there early, play on your own, and have fun!
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