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You usually only get free samples (without having to ask)...

You usually only get free samples (without having to ask) if you have 100 points on your beauty insider card. Then you get to pick a sample. You can try asking them if they have any samples for you to try. I've heard that sometimes they will give you some if you ask. Also, you get 3 free samples when you make an online purchase.

If you ask the SA to make you a sample of the foundations...

If you ask the SA to make you a sample of the foundations that you want to try, they will put some in a small container to take home. I have done this several times with various products to see if I react to them as I suffer from various allergies. If the store has a small already packaged sample, they will give you that, just depends on what's on hand, but you do have to ask.

The sneaky way with out actually asking is to pick 2 or 3...

The sneaky way with out actually asking is to pick 2 or 3 that you actually are interested in and act torn ask the salesperson's advice and say I wish I had a better way to compare them, or something like that.  But make sure you look like you want to spend your money there and that you just can't decide, which is probably the truth. 

@sunwalker- You can test and sample any products the stor...

@sunwalker- You can test and sample any products the store carries! Just ask a Castmember for help. Smiley Tongue


I've shopped at Sephora for over a decade I've seen a ton of changes since then- back then they used to bag their products in cute pastel green satin satchels and wrap each product up in colorful tissue paper instead of the striped paper bags- it used to feel like I got a gift every single time. They also used to always stick various ready-made samples into my bags without asking. This was way back when they didn't even have a Beauty Insider Points program!


Now though, honestly, if you want freebies, you gotta ask- sometimes I get lucky with a generous castmember who sticks a few ready-made samples without me asking- but usually I ask for it or exchange my BI points for 100pt samples. Just a tip, try going on a weekday or early to a store on the weekend, the castmembers are more willing to help you out making samples and answering questions since they're not rushed. It varies by store location in terms of how many samples they'll make up for you and what they're willing to make samples of (most locations do liquids, gels, liquid foundations, powders, some fragrances) or some store have ready-made samples that they'll give you. If a rude castmember doesn't help you out just find another castmember to help you out. It really does vary by location and the castmembers aren't mind readers it's their job to assist you, they won't know what you're looking for unless you ask.


@jadorezrg - OMG!   I remember those green satchels.  It was such a long time ago it seems.  I loved those!   


You think we will have something special like that again?? 

Smiley Happy 

Re: Re:

i've never had an issue in terms of samples. usually the more expensive the product, the more willing the sales associates are to give you something to try. i got 20 (!!!) squirts in a sample bottle of a perfume i wanted to test out and a little to go container of a tattoo concealer i wanted to test but couldn't really take my shirt off in the middle of the store.


i don't know i found that the more honest and open you are about the situation (aka stop trying to get free stuff out of it) the more friendly everyone is.


that was helpful, but i lke the striped bags. i reuse them at christmas time or birthdays. there very chic.


Ask at the checkout, ask the perfume people and give them the tester perfume, ask for any liquid like foundation in the store. Remember, if you are getting when you are shopping AND at checkout hide the samples in your bag so you can get more Smiley Wink



I'm a manager at a store called Ulta. I've been the the closest Sephora a few times (they have a store at the Greene outdoor mall here where I live, but it's about 30 mins away, so I don't get out that way very often. 


Before I became a manager at a similar store, I just sort of felt like the employees at both Sephora and Ulta were always in a bad mood, and acted really upset when you did ask for help with even 1 thing. I'm not one to just ask for help at first, I will look and really try to find what I'm looking for, before I will ask a sales person. 


I realized after I became a manager with Ulta, how the inner workings of a makeup store went, and I know they are not the same company as the one I work for, but I'm willing to bet they have the same issues, let me explain...


They are probably very tight on payroll, and are min staffed not by choice but by a directive from their home office, this equal out to 'not enough people to really help everyone, long lines at the register, overwhealmed castmembers and stress for both them and the customer. 


This is also why some things may be out on the shelf, and you have to try to track someone down to 'see if they have it'. Not having enough hours + all the demands of not only running the store, but keeping it stocked and well-maintained is hard to do when you are only allowed to schedule a few employees at once. 


So, after working at Ulta and seeing how things go behind the scenes I totally understand what those girls are going through. If you notice that you can't seem to ever get help when you go in, just ask a castmember in a polite way, if they are with someone or are busy, they will explain that and tell you about how long til they are free or they will try to find another castmember to help you. If you notice that they are very overwhealmed, I would advise you not to become upset with the workers, but to instead get ahold of their customer service either by phone or the net and send them an e-mail stating that they need to have more people working, and they can't short staff a busy store like that because it makes for an awful visit. 


I know that sometimes there are GWP's or gifts with purchase, such as frag, certain brands of makeup and such (usually the newest, most popular, or a special that they are running for their ad. Those come with the purchase, and to be honest just inquire nicely about them at checkout (sometimes it's hard to keep them all straight on top of remembering each and every sale). 


Moving on to just plain old samples, I'm not sure what their policy is, but I would only ask for a sample if you are REALLY interested in buying that item, it's rude to just run around demanding samples of everything because you want to 'get free things'. I do however understand wanting to try it out, to see how it looks on you, how it wears through the day and to see if you have any type of allergic reaction to it. I myself have sensitive skin. 


If you really are intersted in something, and would like to try it out, ask nicely, explain your reasoning for wanting a sample, honesty is the best policy. Another reason I like to try something before I buy it is my skin is very oily, so I always like to see what it looks like by the end of the day also, I have had so many that look ok at first, but a few hours later it's running everywhere and looks like it's melting off of my face.


Another good thing you could say is that you would like to try it before you buy it, because you don't want to cost them a return if you have to. I can tell you I give samples all the time, and if the customer does not like it, I tell them to talk to me and we can try something else, I just want them to be happy.


As far as the bags go, honestly, they probably switched over to seem more uniform and crisp, with the black and white, and also to save money company wide. 


I hope you found this informative and helpful!!!






I have been shopping at Sephora's for a long time.  I have been to many in NYC as well as Massachusetts.  I have never been treated rudely.  We have a new one in Worcester MA and I have to tell you they are the most helpful staff I have ever encountered. I have never actually asked for a sample, but have been given a few.


Of course anyone can have a bad day (castmembers included) but if you're honest and ask I bet your experience will be great!


PS  Shout out to the cast at the Blackstone Valley Store in guys are the best!


I have never had a bad experience at a Sephora. The employee's have always been so informative when I have a question and helpful when I am doing a quick look & buy to replenish my makeup. I have been to Las Vegas Sephora and Oklahoma City stores and JC Penny Sephora's. I order on-line from home because we don't have one in Montana. I wish we did at least in Missoula, Great Falls and Billings. The main cities.



You have to ask for samples. Like for example if you wanted a sample of the dior foundation, then ask for it while your checking out.


I've been wanting to try their benefits benetint, is there samples of that or has anyone tried? 


Hi, Theishnit!


You can certainly visit a store and have a sample made for you or try it in person as you shop around.


For future reference, you may wish to create a separate thread for a new topic (rather than revive another user's older thread as this is from 2011) or utilize the search bar to see if a topic is already covered.


Benetint is an item carried by Sephora locations so there shouldn't be any issue of it not being available in person, but for other brands, try using the Store Locator function on the product page as not all brands/products online are available in stores. You can also call into your local Sephora to check.


I thought the policy was that technically you could get 3 free samples in store as weI'm assuming that means from the testers if packaged products aren't available. Funny thing is I've been to the Times Square location on 3 separate occasions and had different girls insist I'm crazy and that would "sure be nice"...which has kind of spooked me from asking in store, after the last was extra extra rude, acting like I was trying to pull one over on her...(Any NYC folk have a location to recommend in Manhattan where they are actually aware of this and aren't pained to stop talking amongst themselves?)


Both my closest SiJCP and stand-alone Sephora are willing to make up samples without question. However, it is the SiJCP that will give me foil samples also, if I ask. I too remember the good old days when you got free samples in your bag at checkout without even asking! That was always a nice surprise.


I see the samples we use to get free in our bags when checking out...for sale on Craigslist and yard sales. I wonder if many store employees take them for themselves. I have been to several stores one in the Del Amo mall and Down Town Disney and was told that they don't have any, and haven't had any for a long time. Right!



At the DTD Sephora I asked for a sample of the black GlamGlow mask since I hadn't tried it at the time and the CM pulled a deluxe sample out to give me, instead of giving me one of the clamshells full. I also became a Rouge during a purchase there, and they made a huge deal of it and went to the philosophy, fresh and amorepacific display drawers and gave me a ton of foil samples as a congratulations.

I think they keep them with the products (vs giving them out at checkout) for the purposes of use when a customer asks for a specific product sample, so they don't have to take one of the few sales associates off the floor to make the sample. I've been in there when there's only been one person working! They seem horribly understaffed for the crowds they get. Why they'd lie though, I don't know. It's probably easier to say you don't have any than explain why you don't give them out.


Yeah , its kind of said that they don't give out foils anymore but you should ask for samples from a worker ^__^ tell them you are looking for the shade for the specific foundation you want to try! 


Can you get samples made up of like powders? I want to try the nars loose setting powder and hourglass ambient lighting blush. Would they do that for me if I asked?


You are allowed to sample 3 items from each of their 3 zones, depmnts, whatever you'd like to call them.. being skincare, cosmetics and fragrances. So you may retrieve 9 in total.. however, you may not sample any eyeliners, stick liners, or mascaras.. 


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