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I work for Sephora and will be transfering, where should I go!?

I'm moving to NYC from the bay and have been looking into the MANY stores that are in the city. I have a few in mind that I'm going to take a look at, because they're in the neighborhood of my school, but I want to know a little more about the stores! What are your favorites, which ones are big and which small, which ones are touristy (I assume they all are a little, just like any big city) and which ones are located near really cool stuff?!

Re: I work for Sephora and will be transfering, where should I go!?

Where are you going to be going to school? I would assume all of the sephora stores right in the city are going to be busier than the average suburban mall locations. The only Sephora I've been to *in* the city was the one right in Times Square. Personally, I would not like to work there. Although there are alot of tourist areas in NY, Times Square has to be one of the worst. It is extrememly crowded all the time and retail spaces can get pretty chaotic. However, if you like a challenge, you may prefer it. 

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