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I really need a help with a consistent issue!

Hey girls&guys! I have a question about my purple circles under my eyes. I have tried numerous concealers, but none of them do the job 100%. A makeup artist told me that I could not cover up my purple circles completely and I would not be able to get rid of them. Is this true or no? I was also wondering if you have any suggestions for some great concealers or how I should be applying the concealer.


My usual routine is to put my concealer on after foundation. I use my sephora 157 brush and sometimes I use my ring finger. The concealer I am using now pro longwear MAC concealer NW 15 and underneath the concealer I use MAC prep+prime highlighter in radiant rose.I also use this highlight over my concealer. But this seems to not be working.


I have used many different concealers:

Laura Mercier secret camoflauge

Laura Mercier secret concealer

Amazing Cosmetics concealer

Korres Quercetin anitaging and antiwrinkle concealer

Hourglass corrective concealer

MUFE full cover concealer

Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit

Benefit Cosmetics Earse paste & Boi-ing.


I really need some advice and everything I have tried has not been as successful as I would like. So please any advice would really help!


Re: I really need a help with a consistent issue!

Hi Sls35 It depends on your coloring and how dark the circles are. Your best bet will be a corrector with a concealer on top.  The corrector will help neutralize the purple pigment and make concealing easier.  Did you try the Bobbi Brown Corrector with the Creamy Concealer Kit?

Bobbi Brown - Corrector

Re: I really need a help with a consistent issue!

Thank you for your reply! I have fair skin and so the dark circles are quite prominent under my eye area. I have tried the bobbi brown corrector and creamy kit concealer about a year ago and unfortunately it did not get the job done.

Re: I really need a help with a consistent issue!

I would drink a lot more water and get extra sleep and get electronic objects/light out of my room.  Also I would try putting on the cucumbers on my eyes.  Eating more protein and eating more vitamins.  Sometimes there is a root problem that needs to be fixed.


Also try bb cream or a primer.  Primers help the concealer/foundation does it's job better and sit better.  I don't use primer but I had tried it once and the foundation's color completely covered some redness/uneven tone on my skin nicely.


good luck

Re: I really need a help with a consistent issue!



I too have what I concider major circles.  Dark under and all around the eye is brownish.   I have tried many of the same you listed above and then some.


Either on my own or Make overs (counter to counter)

Camoflague, concealers, highlighters.


If I get any coverage it cakes and I hate that more than the circles.


I am going to a Lacome make over on Friday with the NE National MUA for Lacome (Tarek Abbas).  The eyes are may main concern.  I will post back what he comes up with and let you know the results.

Re: I really need a help with a consistent issue!

Thank you so much ROCKHOUD0508..I hope your consultation goes well! and good luck. I will be waiting excitedly for the results Smiley Happy

Re: I really need a help with a consistent issue!

Since you've tried quite an extensive list of products, and use the term "purple" to describe your circles, maybe the concealers/correctors you're using don't have enough yellow to them.


Keeping in line with the color wheel, purple and yellow are opposites, making yellow the shade to counterbalance purple tones.


Try a palette like MUFE's Camoflauge Creme or Becca's Dual Coverage Compact Concealer. Both offer ranges in more yellow-based correctors/concealers that can be used alone or layered under a flesh toned concealer.


MAKE UP FOR EVER - 5 Camouflage Cream PaletteBECCA - Dual Coverage Compact Concealer


I would avoid using your finger to apply your concealer as often time excess oils can blend in with formulas and prevent your concealer from properly setting, allowing it to fade or move easier throughout the day so it won't last as long.


Start concealing/blending from the inner corners of the eye and downward to wrap around the under eye area. Use short, dabbing or patting potions to place product where it's needed and distribute and blend it out from there rather than brushing back and fourth which might not allow the product to set.


Re: I really need a help with a consistent issue!

Thank you so much for your advice! I will have to try out the products you listed above! I have been using a yellow toned concealer, but like you said maybe it is not yellow enough. So I will have to give your suggestion a try!

Re: I really need a help with a consistent issue!

Awesome! I hope you find a product that works for you or at least works better to at least take some of the thought and focus away from your dark circles!


Re: I really need a help with a consistent issue!

The Shiseido natural creamy concealer is a great option also it a light finish but has really good coverage.Hope this helps!

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