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I need help figuring out what is wrong

I was wondering if any one else had this problem. I have recently changed all of my makeup. I never used primer before but started using the Bare Minerals primer. I love how it keeps my make up on so I am afarid not to use it when I go out. BUT I have been noticing in pictures that my make up isn't standing out. I wear foundation, powder, bronzer and blush. I don't look anything like I do in person (at least I think so) Does anyone else have this problem? Is it the primer or something else? Please help. Suggestions?

Re: I need help figuring out what is wrong

does your foundation and or primer have SPF in it?

Re: I need help figuring out what is wrong

@roxystar4 won't let me reply directly back to you, but I just looked it up that my primer has 15 SPF. Is that the problem???

Re: I need help figuring out what is wrong

sometimes SPF can cause a white cast (slightly white/dull look) to your face in pictures with a flash. is this what you are referring to?

Re: I need help figuring out what is wrong

Hi Ksanderson88,


I could not agree more with Roxystar4 an SPF can appear very white when a flash is used. Also some overly shimmery and white highlighters might do this as well!

<3 Melissa

Re: I need help figuring out what is wrong

Are you using Bare Minerals foundation as well? I found that I HAD to use Warmth in order to prevent a ghostly complexion in photos....I eventually switched foundations after years of this issue. I currently use the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer and it has an SPF of 15 but I have not had the same issue. 

Re: I need help figuring out what is wrong

Like roxystar4 said, SPF can cause weird flashback and give you a white cast. I would suggest any time you will be taking pictures to not use anything with SPF. There are many primers on the market, and a lot that are similar to the bare minerals but without SPF. If you like the silicone feeling of the bare minerals you could try tartes clean slate poreless primer. That has the same feeling but I don't believe it has an SPF. It works well. I just tried a sample of it and it worked. I don't prefer silicone feeling primers, I usually like a more creamy one like the tarte clean slate flawless. I find it has the same staying power and just feels better for me on the skin. I hope you find what you're looking for!


Re: I need help figuring out what is wrong

Mineral based sunscreens or products can often cause a kickback or garish reflection of light from camera flashes because titanium dioxide and other minerals used for sun protection work by reflecting and deflecting much of the sun's rays off skin.


Try looking into camera safe brands/products, like Smashbox's HALO powder. Smashbox is a lined designed for on-camera use, so their mineral HALO powder is balanced and won't cause a harsh glare from flashes.


You can also top off/finish your make up routine with the use of a silica/high definition based powder. Silica spheres are spherical in nature so they help to bend and diffuse light over the applied area so it's not as harsh looking. MUFE, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Tarte, Smashbox, and Nars make great variations. As it's meant to be a finishing powder, use a fan brush or stippling brush to gently sweep a very fine amount onto skin. If you use a traditional/fluffy powder brush, swirl some product into the brush and pat and roll it onto skin to distribute. You don't need to buff it on like regular powder and you don't need very much either. It gives skin a smoother, more flawless appearance and the powder itself feels very silky.

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