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I have two questions....

First, what is best to use to get rid of old stretch marks. Second, I need something to tighten and firm up my thighs from having a child....any advise???  Please help me...I am skeptical unless I know it works. I know the ladies on here are a great help!!! Thanks so much in advance!!!

Re: I have two questions....

Hi Seven,

I have not been able to find anything to completely get rid of old stretch marks. They are essentially scars, so exfoliation helps. The Clarins Stretch Mark Control body treatment might help a little, but to really get rid of them, I think you'd have to have some sort of laser treatment with a doctor.


For firming your thighs, of course exercise & a balanced diet is the most effective way to go.  However, there are several products that target cellulite reduction.  Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control & Soap & Glory The Firminator™ Special Bikini Body Formula are 2 highly rated products.

Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: I have two questions....

good points about the exercise. Lunges and squats are super easy to do when at home with a baby and they're miracle workers.  Diet is super important for supple skin- dark greens and fish are great for your skin. 

old stretch marks do get better and better with time. Seriously, you're not going to get rid of them without ipl laser treatments, but you can minimize their appearance with a fake tan or tinted body lotion. 

also, if you're losing baby weight try not to lose it fast or you'll end up with loose skin. Slow weight loss is key to allowing your skin to adjust to your new weight. 


Re: I have two questions....

Agreed with all of this. I have stretch marks all over from being obese/overweight all my life until recently -- on my upper arms, the sides of my abs/stomach, thighs, everywhere. I've basically used lotion, maintained a healthy diet, and weightlifted like crazy to firm up the flesh the best I can, but I know I will have stretch marks for the rest of my life. That said, with time, they really become less and less noticeable, especially to other people. We are most critical of ourselves, so try to look past that - stretch marks are a natural effect of carrying children, and they are nothing to be ashamed of.

Re: I have two questions....

I've heard great things about the Frank body scrub! You should check it out x

Re: I have two questions....

I had stretchmarks from gaining weight too fast, then I used Lierac Phytolastil serum and it made them MUCH less visible. It was december when I noticed them, by the time i started using them in june they had turned reddish from purple. After using one and a half box of the serum they were gone within a month. Now they are barely, if any visible under close inspection.  

It is a bit pricy though.

Now  I do not know if my stretchmarks healed on their own, or the serum helped but judging by my mom's stretchmarks that were not treated I think this serum does wonders for new stretchmarks like I had. (My mother's stretchmarks look pear white, mine are invisible, nobody even knows I have them when I wear shorts) 


Re: I have two questions....

I have stretch marks from having kids 7 years ago. Short of plastic surgery, they won't go away. Over time they become lighter. I would firm up what you can via diet/exercise (as already mentioned). I've tried several products, but no real results. 

Re: I have two questions....

I have really bad stretch marks and was told by two different Dr's that there is no magic potion to make them go away. Like everyone said, over time they will fade. Mine are everywhere and some are almost a half inch wide.

Re: I have two questions....

I have a lot of stretch marks on my upper tights from gaining and losing weight due to hormonal changes when I was a teenager. I`ve been to several doctors but they say there is no cream or anything that will help, they are old and dead stretch marks. I don`t even wears bikinis because I`m too self conscious, I don`t have light skin so the white marks do show up a lot. I haven`t been to the ocean since I was 13 years old, because of that, and don`t count of me for pool parties either.  Smiley Sad
I will surely have to go back to exercising to try to help with.

Re: I have two questions....

Stretch marks are essentially a type of scar tissue. Nothing "got rid" of mine from giving birth. The thighs...exercise & muscle. 


I do want to say something about stretch marks from having a child. I hated them. I remember when my son turned 16, I was looking at his baby pictures. I started crying, decided to cry quietly & privately in the shower so no one would see or hear me.


In the shower, I saw my loose skin & stretch marks. For the first time in 16 years, I actually accepted & loved my stretch marks because they represented my pregnancy, my baby boy, and my 16 year old son. <3 

Re: I have two questions....

I understand how you feel. I am 5'2 and put on 80 lbs during pregnancy. I lost the weight but not the stretched out belly or the stretch marks. I use to care but now I just don't worry about it and enjoy my two boys. People have mistaken me for someone who had bypass surgery because of the loose skin on my stomach. The stretch marks are so bad on my inner thighs that they look like chewed up skin. Now I focus on my health not what I cannot change.

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