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I have extremely dry, fair, acne prone skin.

I can't find a foundation that doesnt stick to my dry patches, doesn't make me look orange, and looks natural. Any suggestions??

Re: I have extremely dry, fair, acne prone skin.

Hi, Sarah! For starters, you may consider tackling the matter on a skin care front as well as a cosmetic one. Though it is beneficial to have a foundation formula suited to your skin's needs and wants, it's also important to understand that issues like dry patches won't be resolved by merely layering over a foundation.


The matter of your skin looking orange may be due to make up oxidizing on skin, there is no fool-proof method or technique to avoid this entirely, but know that oxidation occurs when a product is applied to skin and reacts with oils and the pH levels and thus "turns" a different shade.


You may want to check out my response in the above thread, it covers oxidation and has a link to another thread where I cover color matching products.


Let us know what you're currently using for foundation (and if you use any primer) along with your skin care regimen for AM and PM so we can get a well-rounded idea as to how to best find a foundation to suit your needs as well as begin resolving those dry patches. Smiley Happy

Re: I have extremely dry, fair, acne prone skin.

Hi sarahxomargaret!


I agree with lylysa! The dryness may be a result of needed to add a more advanced moisturizer into your skincare routine! What is your current skincare routine? What foundations have you tried that didn't work out for you? 

<3, Randee

Re: I have extremely dry, fair, acne prone skin.

I wash my face with neutrogena stress control and then I apply the seaberry face oil. I will then put on origins energy boosting lotion. Some days my skin is so dry, I have to put on Glamglow's mud mask. I do not use a primer on my face because the ones that I tried have all dried my skin out. The foundations that I have tried are; Mac studio fix, loreal true match lumi, maybelline dream liquid mousse, and tarte maracuja miracle foundation. They would all look amazing on my cheeks, but cling to healing acne everywhere else. The same goes with concealer. I have been looking at Nars radiant creamy concealer because I have heard that it works well with dry skin, but I'm not sure if it would work for me. I honestly just want a light sheer foundation that I can wear on special occasions and a concealer that will cover up my break outs without clinging to my dry patches. Is there anything else I should be doing with my skin care routine?

Re: I have extremely dry, fair, acne prone skin.

Are you washing your face just once or twice a day? Are you applying the Seaberry Face Oil and the Origins Energy Boosting Lotion on top of one another for morning and night or just using one/the other for day and night? Which Glam Glow mask in particular are you using?



Re: I have extremely dry, fair, acne prone skin.

Hi sarahxomargaret!


I think that the face wash that you are currently using may be a bit too drying for your skin type. I recommend switching to a cleanser that is better suited for dry skin. I recommend trying Clinique's Extra Mild Liquid Facial Soap instead of the anti-acne facial wash. 



I have combination to oily skin and I only cleanse my skin once a day. In the mornings, I use Koh Gen Do's Cleansing Spa water just to refresh my skin. I have found that my skin has drastically improved since I stopped cleansing it twice a day. 



I also recommend switching to a more hydrating moisturizer to heal the dry patches on your skin and deliver the moisture you need. For this, I recommend trying First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream. 


Do you exfoliate your skin at all? Make sure you are exfoliating your skin at least three times a week to prevent flakiness. One of my favorite exfoliators is Clinique's 7 Day Scrub. It is a creamier texture so it won't cause additional dryness to your skin.



I think switching up your skincare routine will change how your skin reacts to the foundations you currently own. Smiley Happy 

<3, Randee
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