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I don't use primer. .?

So far I've  tried Mica, Nars , and Smash box Primers placed on me by an SA. But I hate the feeling of primer. I feel sealed and awkward. In addition for some reason when I wear primer for sure the Mica one my hair sticks and is drawn to my face? Its so weird! I find my self pulling my hair out of my face constantly. However, I believe it was the Nars or Smashbox primer (pretty sure it was Nars ) made my skin feel soft when I removed my make up But I still wasn't to found of the feeling the primer gave me when it was on.


my makeup stays in place pretty mush all day Smiley Happy except for my nose area only oily place & slightly my chin. My only problem area. Before I place my makeup on I put my clinique Moisture surge and no primer.


anyone suggest great a great moisture that works well with makeup because I don't use primer. ?

any recommendation for Fresh? 

Should I be using anti aging Products? turned 20 Nov 1 Is it harmful? Or too much chemicals? I don't want to use it but I see most products with anti aging in it. Oh!! And sunscreen! tends to clog my pores and I break out within hours. But so far Nars Tinted Moisture is just fine.

any sunscreen recommendations ? I want to wear it but I break out so easily. 

Re: I don't use primer. .?

I like the Boscia Oil Free Spf. It's more on the natural side and covers up pores/fine lines. It also helps with oiliness. 

Re: I don't use primer. .?

i forgot to mention I tried Boscia and I didn't like it. It made my skin peel

Re: I don't use primer. .?

I've only been wearing primer for about a year now. I really like the feel of the Hourglass No. 28 serum. It's like I'm not wearing anything. I got a sample a few months ago from a code and tried it. I use Too Faced Primed and Poreless occasionally, but it's a bit heavier on my skin.

In your 20's you probably don't need to worry too much about ant-aging/wrinkles (unless you are in the sun a lot and/or don't wear sunblock), but I see that as a personal choice. I started in my late 20's.

When I go without makeup, I use Murad Oil-Control Mattifier. My t-zone gets oily, especially in the summer but even in the winter, and this helps combat the shine while protecting my skin.

I hope this helps.

Re: I don't use primer. .?

That was very helpful thank you very much. I've had my eye our for Hourglass for a while I just haven't made it to a sephora to try a sample. The SiJp dose not have hourglass): that Murad oil-control mattifier sounds very interesting ! ill prolly give that a try as well.

Re: I don't use primer. .?

I think primer is personal.  If it works for you, great.  If not and your makeup works okay without it, why bother?  But you might give Hourglass a try.  There's a reason why it is so massively popular.  Also, perhaps try primer only on areas where you need it (nose, etc)?


Anti-aging isn't something to worry about in your early 20s.  That said, I did start using them in my 20s (I say that like I'm more than 30 yrs old).  I seem to recall something about 25 being that mark where you stop growing up and start growing old.  Well, I don't feel like a grown-up, but I have started using anti-aging products.  Part of it is that my RoC night cream works almost as well as my favoured La Mer products at a fraction of the cost.  Part of it is that trying to find a moisturizer that doesn't have any claims of anti-aging properties was enough of a pain that I never bothered.  A lot of skincare products seem geared toward the older lady instead of the younger folks trying to take care of their skin before aging hits.


Sunscreen is the one thing I think isn't optional.  It is absolutely a crucial part of skincare, even if a lot of sunscreen products can make you feel like you're wearing a mask.  I'm a massive fan of La Mer's sunscreen.  It feels lovely on, doesn't aggravate my oily t-zones, and has never made me break out, even when on a beach vacation.  However, La Mer is expensive and, being a liquid, you can only apply easily when you're applying moisturizer.  The sunscreen that lives in my purse is Peter Thomas Roth's powdered sunscreen.  The powder formula means it's completely easy to refresh your sunscreen throughout the day.  Yes, you get some mattifying qualities with this product, too, but I find the idea of being able to refresh my sunscreen more amazing.


Re: I don't use primer. .?

Oh my gosh I love the whole idea of touching up your makeup with a powder with sunscreen! forsure I'm going to look into that as well. Thank you!! Your post was very helpful!

Re: I don't use primer. .?

I'm going to have to try the PTR powdered sunscreen, too. That sounds wonderful! Most sunscreen's make my face feel extra oily and in the summer it causes break out.

Thank you for the tip!

(This is why I love these forums!! I learn so much!)

Re: I don't use primer. .?

I don't use primer either, although I have a few that I don't mind using from time to time. (If my face needs smoothing out.)


I have two different daytime moisturizers that work fine, seem to keep the foundation in place (including powder): MAC Strobe Cream and Elta MD AM Therapy.

Re: I don't use primer. .?

I just recently started wearing primer.  I never really wanted to add another layer to my face.  My makeup lasts just fine, but with the cold weather, my skin is getting pretty dry.  I found my makeup was going on patchy or looking super dry in areas.  

I really seem to like Korres Face Primer which is silicone free and something like 98% natural.  It really seems like a moisturizer for me and makes my makeup apply smoothly.  I'm really happy with it for the winter.  (I also want to try the clinique superprimer universal because I hear similary things about that)


When I need more sunscreen than my foundation (especially spring/summer) I use Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with sunscreen under my foundation.  

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