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38 years old getting dark spots on cheeks, dry skin but gets oily, bags under eyes, dull skin. I want a full coverage n powder foundation and a moisturizer I can wear underneath that won't make my skin oily. Also a makeup that matches my skin. I don't have a lot of money to spend on thus stuff but it of the utmost importance


im not sure how to apply makeuboor what tools, brushes or sponges to use or how to make it look smooth. Someone ease help me. I'm looking for a job and in this town looks count for everything it's bad enough I'm not 18 anymore. I really want to look my best. Thank you


As for how to apply your makeup, I find that using a sponge works best for powder foundations and a foundation airbrush are great for using liquid makeups. 

If you can, set up an appointment at your local store when you visit so that a cast member can give you some tips and tricks on the best application processes for applying your cosmetics. 


A surefire way to get a smooth complexion and keep your makeup staying is to try a primer. An oil free or mattifying primer may work best for you to keep away shine and keep your foundations staying on perfectly. Try the Smashbox primer if you like a smooth satiny feeling, or the Too Faced Primed and Poreless if you want a lighter more water-like feeling.



Photo Finish Foundation Primer


Too Faced - Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana


Hi scottdiana,


I'd suggest a good buildable foundation that works for your combination skin and gives flawless coverage. Try the Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free which is one of my favorites in a liquid makeup and it has a great range of colors to choose from. Your skin will be left shine free with a matte finish: #15 Beige may be a good shade to try out!


Clinique - Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup


For a powder, try the Make Up For Ever Pro Finish which again has a beautiful selection of shades, a buildable coverage finish and a soft powdery texture in an easy to carry and apply compact:


Pictured is shade #140 Neutral Honey

MAKE UP FOR EVER - Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation


As for a moisturizer, try something that is oil free yet anti aging and will help to brighten and firm/smooth the texture of your skin out.


Try Murad Essential C Day Moisture which has brightening Vitamin C and an SPF 30 to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays:


Murad - Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30


Or try Origins Plantscription Anti Aging Oil Free Cream with SPF 25


Origins - Plantscription™ SPF 25 Anti-Aging Oil-Free Cream


If you can, visit your local store and a cast member can provide you with a few samples to try out of both moisturizers and foundations in your perfect shade. I hope this helps you out! 



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana


Take a look at this recent thread where I gave information for perking up a complexion from skin looking dull:


Though the user in that thread didn't make any mention of dark sports and treating those, there is a link within the one above where I also gave further info on treating dark spots/age spots/sun spots and also maintaining the skin with proper products that include sun protection.


A kit like Ole Heriksen's Enlighten Me is perfect to start treating your uneven skin tone and help with exfoliating on multiple levels to brighten your complexion.
Ole Henriksen - Enlighten Me Kit

In the link I gave you it breaks down the types of active ingredients used in brightening/lightening products as well as in most exfoliants.


In terms of treating the bags under the eyes, this occurs due to the natural aging process and the lack of elastin and collagen in skin, causing an overall loss in suppleness and firmness. Common ingredients to treat this include:


Retinol, a very potent anti-aging ingredient as it works on multiple levels to treat multiple issues by repairing and promoting healthy cellular regeneration. This allows for stronger, more resilient skin cells to replace those at the surface that may exhasterbate issues like fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, loss of firmness, etc. Retinol itself can cause the skin to become sensitized as it's so powerful, try slowly introducing a retinol based product in at night only, using it once every third night for up to 7 uses, then every other night, and seeing how your skin takes to the product. More mild forms of retinol include encapsulated retinol or retinoids (time released at a slower pace) and even more milk forms such as retinyl pamitate or vitamin A.


Caffeine is another ingredient used in many treatments for undereye puffiness as it promotes drainage of excess water retention and helps to flush out unneeded fluid to "depuff" areas. Though this is a temporary fix, it's great in day time products as this helps perk up eyes quicker.


Peptides are another source of an instanteous, visible result, but also works on a cellular level. Peptides sink into areas where collagen and elastin are damaged or lacking and swell up to fill those gaps, in turn plumping up the skin and helping to increase the volume that is lost to prevent emphasizing problem areas.


Humectants like sodium hyaluronate or hyaluronic acid, work in a similar aspect only they plump/swell up by binding healthy moisture particles to skin, making skin look more supple.


Eye creams that you may look into include Origins Eye Doctor:


Boscia's Super Cool De Puffing Eye Balm:


Ole Heriksen's Ultimate Lift Eye Gel (available in a gel and a AM roll on):


In terms of make up, trying an illuminating primer which will not just keep your make up on longer, but prevent it from settling into problem areas, and neutralize dark spots. Try Smashbox's Photo Finish Luminizing Primer:


Though you are seeking a powder foundation, I would advise maybe checking into a liquid as powders are generally best suited for oily/combination skin as they absorb and control excess oil better and shine while on dry skin, powders can exhasterbate the lack of hydration and age skin if it's not the proper formula.


If you prefer to stick with a powder, try one that is finely milled like MUFE's Pro Finish Multi Use Powder Foundation.


If you end up deciding you want to opt for a liquid, try Tarte's Maracuja Foundation, it's enriched with maracuja oil, which is a botanical oil that mimicks the natural/essential oils your skin actually needs along with being packed with anti-oxidants to combat sun damage and is perfect for dry and dehydrated skin as it's packed with sodium hyaluronate.


You can always top that off with a hydrating finishing powder like Smashbox's HALO, which is a mineral based powder that can be used as a light foundation or just over liquid/cream with encapsulated water molecules to hydrate upon contact with skin.


In terms of tools, apply your make up with a brush or a slightly damp sponge for liquids (wet it and squeeze out the water to prevent it from absorbing all your liquid foundation). A large fluffy powder brush will apply your powder foundation more lightly, allowing you to build up more gradually to the coverage you like while a dry sponge with powder foundation will apply it more heavily on initial application. For liquids, try a buffing brush like Urban Decay's Good Karma Buffing Brush and apply the liquid in a buffing/rotating manner to preven brush strokes and streaking. You can use a fluffy powder brush to top off with a finishing powder.


Best of luck on your job hunt! I wish you all the best and if you need more info or help, feel free to message me!



I think aside from makeup, you should look into investing in a quality skin care product(s) that is going to address those issues. I'm a high advocate of the Peter Thomas Roth line, he carries some fantastic products for brightening, age spots, dry skin, and so forth. I've talked to numerous people who've tested the line and I myself have tested out the camu camu vitamin c as well as the peel and reveal resurfacer and got some outstanding results (especially when used in the sauna!). I really think it's worth the investment rather than just covering up the issue. Be good to your skin, and you'll find you won't need as much makeup.


* Camu camu power c x30 vitamin c brightening serum

* De-Spot skin brightening corrector

* Glycolic acid 10% moisturizer


I agree with Diana she gave you some really great advice to look your best!

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