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How to apply mascara on hooded, deep-set eyes?

I have been trying to wear mascara again after a battle years ago with my deep-set hooded eyes. I lost. I could never apply it without smudging it on my lids while applying it. I am fortunate enough to have nice lashes, so mascara is not always necessary, but I'm giving it another try. I've tried holding notecards and spoons under and above my lashes as I'm applying it, but I still seem to have to use makeup remover cloths because of smudging. I feel like I'm just not destined. 


If anyone has any suggestions I would be grateful.  

Re: How to apply mascara on hooded, deep-set eyes?

When I apply my mascara, I like to gently lift my eyelid up by holding it up at my brown bone, that way I minimize any type of smudging.

Re: How to apply mascara on hooded, deep-set eyes?

Hi Waverlyred,

First make sure that you are using a lash curler, it will make it so much easier! Curl your lashes at the base, middle and then ends.



Finally hold a mirror underneath you, at about chest level, close enough to see your lashes and then raise your brows and apply the mascara. Raising your brows allows for easier application since it slightly stretches the eye lid.  I know it sounds like a lot of work but, it should work and make it easierSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: How to apply mascara on hooded, deep-set eyes?

Thank you both! I have been experimenting some more, and have been trying out your tips. I guess it is just a matter or trial and error!

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