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How do i know if i have yellow or pink undertones?

I need one of the experts to tell me if i have pink or yello undertones. My skin is light/fair and my cheeks r almost always a lttle red. I have combination skin and look good in white i read somewhere that, that means i have yellow undertones. Is that true?

Hi, catiebug.  Skin undertones are the colors that lie be...

Hi, catiebug.  Skin undertones are the colors that lie beneath the skin.  Undertones are the colors that are cast like a shadow beneath your skin color.  The shadow has a distinct color which never changes.  While the tone of your skin color can change very easily your undertone never changes.


Consider how your skin looks while you are in the sunlight.  Do you appear golden or yellowish?  Perhaps you notice green or bronze undertones (olive skin).  You have warm undertones in your skin if you fall into these categories.  If however, your skin appears pink or rosy, red or has beige or brown undertones, your skin is cool.


If you are still not sure, you can stand in natural light and hold something with silver or gray undertones in your hand.  Check to see whether that color adds or detracts to your skin.  Then do the same with a gold colored object.  If your skin looks more vibrant next to a gold colored object, you have warm undertones.  If it looks best with silver or gray, you are a cool person.  Most people are warm toned, not cool toned.  If you are still not certain stop buy your local Sephora or department store cosmetic counter and have a makeup assistant help you decide.

Hope this helps!
Have a great day!
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Hey Catiebug,   Now we all have what we call undertones a...

Hey Catiebug,


Now we all have what we call undertones and surface tones.


Undertone is the color we were born with, it is the natural coloring that we obtained through heredity.


Surface tone is the color we see at first glance often effected by weather, skin attributes such as acne, rosacea etc. 


Now surface tone can change depending on a few factors but can be neutralized whether with makeup or skin care. 


The idea with surface tone is that it can be covered, changed or altered but that is not the case with your true undertone.


Make sense so far?


OK, now to help determine your undertone, try this simple little trick:


Take your thumb and place and press it firmly against your inner forearm.


Hold it firmly for about 10 seconds, once you release the blood should start rushing back in the covered area your thumb was at. 


But before it does it reveals your TRUE UNDERTONE. Look for YELLOW or PINK.


Try it a few times in a few different areas and I have no doubt you'll be able to determine your undertone.


Hope this works for you,


Gilbert Soliz

Sephora PRO

New York City

Re: Hey Catiebug,   Now we all have what we call undertones a...

OMG, this REALLY works! All my life I've thought that I have a pink undertone, which I now know to be a surface tone. I tried what Gilbert suggested and my undertone is most clearly YELLOW! Thanks, Gilbert, this likely will save me from making future makeup mistakes.

Re: How do i know if i have yellow or pink undertones?

You sound like me (fair to light, red cheeks which for me is very mild rosacea, and combination skin). I thought I had pink undertones and that I am a cool. However, the last time I went to Sephora, they color matched me to Makeup Forever HD Foundation in 117. When I got home, I found out that is for yellow undertones. I'm wondering if they should have suggested 115 instead as it is for pink undertones? So confused!

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