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How do I know if I really like the product?

this is probably a really stupid question...

but sometimes I go to buy a moisturizer or whatever I need, and I try a bunch of stuff and don't know which one I like enough to buy... how should I know or find out?? 

Re: How do I know if I really like the product?

Hi Teyaberg What results are you looking for?  Which moisturizers have you tried and what about them didn't work for you?

Re: How do I know if I really like the product?

Some weren't really moisturizing and others made me feel really oily.
That was also just an example, how do I know if I like a product without buying it (I'm young, and not made of money. If I buy a product I want to be sure I like it.)?

Re: How do I know if I really like the product?

If you want a lighter moisturizer, I would recommend the Clinique dramatically different moisturizer. If you want a thicker, more rich moisturizer, I love the benefit one in the pot. It is always hard for me to tell also, but I know it when I see it!

Re: How do I know if I really like the product?

That's not a stupid question AT ALL!  That's actually a really great question, especially when you're dealing with fairly expensive cosmetic/skincare products.  


It can be really hard to tell for sure if you're going to like a product before you use it, but there are a number of things you can do before purchasing to help:


1.  Try to figure out as precisely as you can what you want the product to do.  For example, when I'm looking for a mascara, I know I want it to add length and volume without being clumpy.  I don't like waterproof mascara, and I want the darkest black available.  There are still a lot of options even when I've decided all of that, but knowing those things narrows my search at least a little bit.  (Skincare products can be really tough because it's often difficult to know EXACTLY what you want something to do, you just know you want your skin to look better)


2.  Read reviews!  Once you've done some thinking about what you're looking for (the features of the product or the results you'd like to achieve from using the product) start looking online for recommendations about specific brands or products that other people have loved - or hated, sometimes bad reviews can be helpful.  Sephora has reviews for most of their products, but makeupalley and temptalia and other beauty bloggers do a great job of explaining what other people have liked or disliked about products.


3.  Get samples!  Sephora is really great about providing shoppers with samples if you go into the store and ask for help. I personally find it easier to get samples in the store when I already have a handful of products I'm interested in after doing the first two steps (limiting the number of samples I ask for) but you can always ask a Sephora employee for suggestions or help finding a product.  Because the store is so great about providing samples, I always recommend that people "try before they buy" - so before committing to a purchase, bring a sample from the store home and see how it works for you.  


Sephora also has a really amazing returns policy, so if something goes wrong (like if you have an allergic reaction or something) you can always bring the product back within the appropriate time frame and with the receipt.  You don't have to justify your return - Sephora is very generous with this policy and you can return merchandise for any reason whatsoever - but since they offer such extensive sampling it's best to avoid having to buy something blind and then get stuck returning it (because it can't be resold).


If you have a specific question about a type of product, please let us know what you'd like help with, and good luck!

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