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How do I contour?

Need some tips on how to contour? I really just suck at it. what products/brushes should i be using?

Re: How do I contour?

Hi GlamourRookie Contouring varies by face shape.  Basically you would apply it in the area you want to recede.  So if you want higher cheek bones, you would apply it underneath your cheekbone.  If you a thinner nose, you would apply it on the side.  My favorite new favorite brush for contouring is the Pro Visionary Face Blender Brush #134.  The shape is really perfect.  It fits perfectly under the cheekbone and has a tapered tip for contouring smaller areas.

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Pro Visionary Face Blender Brush #134

Re: How do I contour?

Take a look at this thread where I gave a diagram on basic contour/highlighting techniques along with a break down on application and products/tools to use!

Re: How do I contour?

Thanks, lylysa!  I was just looking up your comment and photo on contouring/blush/highlighting!  I was trying to figure out how to add it to this thread.  I refer to it often when I'm playing around with my makeup.


@GlamourRookie - Investing in quality brushes for each application really makes a difference.  I use a slanted blush brush, bronzer brush, and domed powder brush for highlighter (it allows me to sweep my highlighter powder in a very small area, even though it is a large brush).


Have fun and play around with different products (get you some samples).  I tried at least 10 highlighters until I found Nars Albatross.  You may prefer a cream which needs to be applied before your setting powder. 


Ask a Sephora consultant to help you as well.  Good luck!

Re: How do I contour?

You're welcome, Wingatprsct!


I can't tell you how many times I've referenced that post I did for users. Smiley Happy It's proved to be more helpful than I thought!


Re: How do I contour?

(Photo courtesy of Pintrest/Birchbox)

I used this guide when I first started experimenting with contouring. The only thing on here I add is highlight my temple and above my brows. If your forehead is not shiny you can highlight there also. (the most important diff for me was using a matte bronzer vs a shimmery one)..


One more thing I highly recommend the Nars Albatross to highlight Smiley Happy

Re: How do I contour?

i need help I'm only 15 and i'd like to learn how to do contour its really hard for me any tips anyone ? please !!! 

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