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How can I de-emphasize my shoulders in a strapless dress?

I am going to be wearing this dress to graduation:



I'm wondering how I can make my shoulders look smaller in this dress.
My arms are pretty muscular and my shoulders are really broad.
My curves are pretty decent, and sometimes I think my waist is accentuated by my broad shoulders, in fact.
I have medium length hair that just gets to my armpits when I pull it straight, but it's not much help when it comes to covering my shoulders.
This dress can also be worn with thin straps.
How can I de-emphasize my shoulders?

Re: How can I de-emphasize my shoulders in a strapless dress?

That's a very pretty dress.  If my arms were muscular I would be showing them off all the time!  I am sure that your hair softens the look of your broad shoulders more than you realize. I bet you look great in the dress. It sounds like you have a lovely figure.

 OK, enough of my thinking out loud-let's talk about what you are looking to do.   Are you looking to add something to the dress?  A lightweight  shrug (I am thinking an open weave crochet) in either black or white might work.  It might also make you feel warm depending on the weather. 

Re: How can I de-emphasize my shoulders in a strapless dress?

I'd say to dust a light bronzing powder (matte) along the tops and sides (just the front, along the top/ front of the shoulders only and along the sides of the arms, basically where the sun would naturally hit)...this would make them recede just a little bit, underneath the collarbone too. You could also use a liquid/ gel, etc, just make sure to blot with a tissue so that nothing transfers onto your pretty dress.

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