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Hourglass veil mineral primer



So I rediscovered myprimer by hourglass but noticed that I had bought it in October of 2008. Now before finding that out I had already used ittwice since rediscovering it in my makeup stash... And it feltgreat and seems to be working... So what do I do? Ditch it anger a new one or keep on using it???  

Re: Hourglass veil mineral primer

Hi Numzywumzy-


Most products have an expiration date cup on it that tells you the amount on months its good for. If you notice a change in color, texture or smell I would toss it!

<3 Melissa

Re: Hourglass veil mineral primer

Lol you can tell I'm new at this... Just replied to my own post when I was suppose to reply to yours... 

Re: Hourglass veil mineral primer



I just checked thebottle and there wasn't any expiration set cup and its smell and color is fine... I just had to pump a few times and then after that the texture was fine as well... 

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