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Help with my skin!

Helloo there. I've got some problems with my skin. I've got redness from my nose and down the sides. And some color difference around my mouth. I've tried all sorts of bb-creams and much more. I just can't find anything that fits my skin color. When I cover up my face completely hit feels quite heavy, even though it is bb-creams I use. I want something simple, so I don't need to cover up my face. Hope you can help me, thank you.

Re: Help with my skin!

Hi there!

Have you tried redness relief skincare? Clinique redness relief and Origins Mega Mushroom lines do this. These help protect the skin and over time lessen the redness.


I have some redness and use pur minerals green primer (not at Sephora) liquid to a powder like finish, which corrects red, and a neutral toned foundation - Lancome Teint Miracle as it's made to sooth the skin from redness, water based and moderate coverage. I've used layers and don't feel heavy. Primer can also be used under bb/cc creams..CC tends to cover red better (I use Lorac) than a bb.


IT cosmetics bye bye redness -video on qvc product page - is makeup, one universal color, to cover and treat redness, alone or under makeup.

Re: Help with my skin!

Hi fabulouslycrazy,

I recommend Clinique Redness Solutions line. They have both skincare and makeup to help sooth and balance skin and cover visible redness. 

Smiley Happy -Laura


Re: Help with my skin!

Thank you very much! - But is it for all ages? - I've heard that you need to be 18 and over to use such creams.

Re: Help with my skin!

Where did you hear the 18+ comment? Never heard that, in general anything can be used at any age, usually it's just marketing or targeting a specific audience. All the products mentioned would be ok to use under 18. The trick is to know your skin, and how it changes with time.

Re: Help with my skin!

Thank you very much though!

Re: Help with my skin!

I have had a lot of luck with something really simple- Bare Minerals Ready Foundation. I use the precision face brush to apply it and only use moisturizer underneath. I have used primers before but I really don't find it too necessary with this foundation. It lasts my whole workday and I only really brush it over my cheeks to cover up the read. Armani's silk foundation also works well for me but does require a primer for smooth application.

From time to time, I may use it on my whole face, but I've been lucky so far with the color match that a little goes a long way. I've tried redness remedy also by bare minerals but don't really feel like it does anything for me. I also haven't had much luck with Clinique or regular bare minerals. In fact, they irritated my skin more.

Even if this product doesn't work for you, it is a testament that you'll be able to find something out there that will do the trick for you. Try different products and application methods. Don't be scared to go in the store and ask for them to show you their suggestions on you. It sounds like you don't want anything heavy so make sure you let them know that as well. I heard great things about IT cosmetics CC cream as well in regards to covering up redness.


Re: Help with my skin!

Thank you! - But I went to every store with cosmetics that I could use. Yet, I've tried loads and they don't seem to work. ill go check those products out! Thank you, again!


Re: Help with my skin!

I have the exact same problem!  After trying a lot of different things, I am currently using IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness to cover up the redness on my nose, sides of my nose, and chin.  It is very pigmented, so a little goes a long way.  It also feels very light on.  You can wear it by itself, of apply foundation on top of it.  It only comes in one color though, which is a light/medium (in my opinion), but if it works for you, it really is a great product.


I have an area around my mouth where the skin is a little darker.  For that, I've currently been using NYX Wonder Pencil, the medium is a perfect match for my skintone.  I just color over the dark area with the pencil to make it the same color as the rest of my skin.  This pencil also comes in light (which is a great highlighter) and deep as well.


I hope these suggestions are helpful!

Re: Help with my skin!

Yes they are, thank you. The NYC Wonder Pencil, you can also use it as eyeshadow as well?

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