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Help with contouring extremely pale skin

I'm looking for a bronzer and a highlighter to try contouring my face, but the last time I tried a bronzer (Benefit's Hoola), it looked AWFUL. Maybe I used too heavy of a hand, but it just looked so fake and strange on my pale face. To get an idea of my how pale I am, I use shade 42 in Kat Von D's Lock-It Tattoo Foundation and Siberia in Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. I want to try contouring again because although I love the Kat Von D founation, it makes my face a little too flat and I want to look healthy instead of sickly, LOL.


Is there a specific type of bronzer I should look for? One with a certain undertone? Also can someone recommend a good highlighter? I'd prefer one in a powder formula, not a cream highlighter.

Re: Help with contouring extremely pale skin

Try Urban Decay's silica based HD powder Razor Sharp (you an unscrew the cap/puff part) as it contains encapsulated water molecules.


For a non HD powder with a translucent finish, Stila's Hydrating Finishing powder relies on shea butter to condition skin.


For something with color and can even double as a sheer powder foundation, Smashbox's HALO powder also contains encapsulated water molecules. It's one of my favorite powders! The compact contains about 3-4 times the amount of powder in a pressed compact.

Re: Help with contouring extremely pale skin

Ooohhh I am gonna check those out on Thursday! ill let you know how I make out.

Re: Help with contouring extremely pale skin

Because the UD one is a HD based powder, a tiny bit goes a long way and is more of a finishing powder rather than a touch up one as well.


Too Faced's Absolutely Invisible powder is a pressed, compact powder that's another option too, it's enriched with vitamins, minerals, and sea-based botanicals to nourish skin and it's very finely milled so it's weightless on skin!


Re: Help with contouring extremely pale skin

The Milk Chocolate one looks like it would work best for what I want! I'm going into the store tomorrow for the VIB event and I'm going to look crazy swatching like 10 different bronzers, haha! Thanks so much for the suggestions!

Re: Help with contouring extremely pale skin

No prob, it smells DELISH too, just like chocolate....but no calories Smiley Tongue

Re: Help with contouring extremely pale skin

I'm pretty light skinned too, I'm 44 in KVD lock it tattoo foundation and porcelaine I in lancome dual finish.


I love benefit dallas as bronzer, it works as countour or all over. Its not shimmery, glittery or orange, the perfect natural looking sun kissed tan. LOVE. Been through 2 boxes already. Right now I'm using benefit hoola, with a very light hand I can get the countour I want and it doesnt look too dark/muddy so long as I use very little and blend properly. Because I am so pale right now, adding that touch of color makes all the difference. And it brings out my cheekbones, and if you use blush and highlighter along with a good bronzer, they really pop out!

Re: Help with contouring extremely pale skin

I'm also just about as pale as they come (I'm a 0.5 in UD Naked Skin Foundation...their lightest shade!) For bronzer, I've been happy with Benefit's 10 Highlighting/Contouring duo. It comes in a square box like Hoola and it has a shimmery highlight and a flat bronzer. The bronzer is very subtle and looks great on my fair skin.


Make sure you're using the right tools - a fluffy powder brush like a MAC 150 will give you a nice, healthy glow without putting too much product in any one place. 

Re: Help with contouring extremely pale skin

Totally forgot about that boxed powder, good call!

Re: Help with contouring extremely pale skin

Have you tried Too Faced Chocolate Soleil? I've been using this bronzer for a couple months now and it adds just enough color to look healthy and sun-kissed.

Re: Help with contouring extremely pale skin

I also wear NARS Siberia- high five for the rediculously pale! Smiley Happy Benefit Hoola does tend to have a muddy look for me too, I can make it pass-able with a very light hand, but I just find its too brown for me. I think something with a touch of pink/reddish color works a little better on my skin tone. For matte bronzer, I like Bare Minerals Faux Tan (use a light hand for this one too). Or, if I want a little shimmer I like Benefit 10 or Stila's One Step Bronze (this is cream/liquid, but absolutely STUNNING in my opinion!).

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