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Help me cover up my acne!!!

I have been heavily researching the perfect skin routine/concealer/foundation/powder to help my newly congested skin. Unfortunately for me, Lancome changed the formula of my beloved Teinte Idole right as I entered into a terrible period of adult acne. So far, these are my findings- I cannot use products which contain salicylic acid or any type of medication (especially now that I have started using Atralin retin-a.) I tried mineral makeup and found that the ingredients bismuth oxycloride or whatever and lauryl lysine make me break out like crazy! I've also tried Dr. Jart's Black Label BB and MUFE HD Foundation. I hate to say it, but I think the BB was breaking me out. I currently only wear MUFE Full Cover concealer and Mary Kay's mineral make up (hate it, but it's not making me break out!) I really like wearing liquid make up especially now that my face is constantly peeling. Help me by telling me if these makeup choices are ok for my skin or if I should go a completely different route. I don't know what's safe to put on my face anymore!!! Thanks!

Re: Help me cover up my acne!!!

Hi Unicorns08, 


What other skincare are you using in terms of moisturizer, cleanser and any other serums or treatments? If you have acne and breakouts but are receiving more reactions from products meant to actually TREAT the acne, I suggest that you visit a dermatologist to find a better treatment to help your skin and what you can and cannot use. 


For now I do recommend you steer away from the BB Cream as they can sometimes be heavier on the skin which could definitely be leading to breakouts. How long has your skin been acting up like this, and how long have you been using any of the new items you tried (retin-A and the MUFE foundation)? 


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Help me cover up my acne!!!

Thanks dianabt!! I included my skin care in my reply above and yes, I definitely agree that the BB was doing more harm than good. I have been using retin-a for a few weeks and I just started using the MUFE again on days where my mineral make up just will NOT cover my acne and makes my skin super flaky- like today! I had to apply it over my mineral makeup because my skin was peeling so badly as I was rushing to get ready for work and it definitely helped!

Re: Help me cover up my acne!!!

Since you're using a prescription retin-a product, are you following it up with any moisturizer and does it contain a sunscreen?


Retin-a and retinol based products can cause quite an intensive period of dryness/flakiness as it increases cell production/regeneration and chemical exfoliation at the same time. How often are you using that treatment and is it during night or day, or even both?


To prevent the dryness from getting any worse, proper suncare in your day lotion will be very beneficial as it will protect your skin from UV rays and environmental damage that can further stress and dry out skin from the effects of the medication.


Peter Thomas Roth has some great options in a lotion and sheer fluid-like formula that range in SPF 30-50.


Max Sheer All Day Defense Moisture Lotion - SPF 30Sheer Liquid SPF 50 Anti-Aging Sunscreen


By chance are you using a primer after you moisturize/before you apply make up? If not, look for a primer with a silicone/dimethicone base as it will form a smooth layer over skin's issues from lines, pores, blemishes, dryness, to uneven texture to prevent make up from just settling in and absorbing right into problem areas.


Hourglasses No. 28 Serum Primer is infused with skin conditioning ingredients that can help with the dryness you're suffering and form a nice barrier over the peeling spots.


Hourglass - N° 28 Primer Serum


Try a full coverage foundation like Kat Von D's Lock It, which does not contain bismuth oxychloride or any type of lysine. It contains optical diffusers to soften the look of imperfections but gives skill the full coverage it needs to cover blemishes, dark circles, and discoloration.


Kat Von D - Lock-It Tattoo Foundation



Re: Help me cover up my acne!!!

Thank you Lylysa! I have been on Atralin for almost 6 weeks now, still going through that rough stage of flaking all over :/ I use Cerave moisturizer and at night I will either mix some Tarte Maracuja oil with the Cerave or wear it alone depending on how dry my skin is. I also have to use Clindamyacin lotion in the mornings under my make up. It seems to be helping my acne, but I can't tell which make up products will hurt or help my skin!

Re: Help me cover up my acne!!!

CeraVe is wonderful! I'm on my second bottle of the day lotion with SPF 30!


Is it the lotion in the pump top bottle or the giant tub that you're using?


If you're tentative about make up and primer that can be safe to use, try printing out ingredient lists and bringing them to your doc/dermatologist and seeing if they can skim things over.


I do know that the Hourglass primer has retinyl palmitate, which is a very mild form or another term for vitamin A, so it shouldn't combat or make issue with the retin-a you're using as the dosage and potency is no where near the same ball park.


Do your homework on a couple of products and check with your doc.


Another foundation is Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Foundation, it's also full coverage and helps mattify/control any oil with the Amazonian clay aspect, but also has sodium hyaluronate like in the CeraVe lotions to help maintain and keep moisture balances. I did notice it contained lysine, but not lauryl lysine. I did some research and found that lysine is an amino acid used from skin care to cosmetic products, if the formula sounds like something you might consider, have your doc look at that to see if it'll be safe to use. Lysine isn't in the top list of ingredients, but more in the center, so let the professionals see if it's a go or not.

Re: Help me cover up my acne!!!

Wow, thanks so much!! I will certainly look into Hourglass and Tarte! I know lauryl Lysine is derived from coconut oil which is highly comedogenic but the "lysine" part itself, I'm not sure of, so I will ask my derm! And I currently use the Cerave in the pump bottle....a little timid about using the cream, but I know it will probably help my extremely dry skin. Thanks for all of your advice!!! It is greatly appreciated!! Smiley Happy

Re: Help me cover up my acne!!!

I love the day formula with SPF 30 in the pump, it's so lightweight but still gets the job of hydrating done! Smiley Happy


I haven't used the one in the giant tub, but if anything, I figure that would be way better for the body than the face.


It's my absolute pleasure to help! Feel free to kick me a personal message any time if you need advice on any issue!

Re: Help me cover up my acne!!!

Wish I can double-like lylysa's post. But yes, if you are using a retinol thing and is in the dry/peeling phase, I definitely second the Peter Thomas Roth SPF30 and Hourglass no.28 primer (They are my 2 favorite things right now and I gushed about it at length elsewhere, so I'll spare you the pain. lol).


I want to say...try looking into Clinique since they are known for being non-irritating albeit very basic, you are going in the right direction with facial oil, and maybe try a hydrating mask? But I don't know about any med/derm stuff, so take this part with a grain of salt.

Re: Help me cover up my acne!!!

Everytime I mention the Hourglass primer I think of you! Thanks for pointing that one out to me!

Re: Help me cover up my acne!!!

Thank me no more, I'm trying hard not to writing another long love poem about it again.


@Unicorns08. If you do find hourglass too heavy, Korres have some great primers that feels like moisturizer and provide skincare benefits, too, altho you prob want to check the ingredients on those.

Re: Help me cover up my acne!!!

It's so hard getting all the wrong information and all the right information when your confused. Try going with an actual foundation that will help like the MUFE multi-use pro finish foundation or the immaculate liquid powder foundation by hourglass, I know it gets confusing when you ask and you get so much feed back that is too long and  with no anwsers and just get you more confused. Also try a creamy concealer like the one from Shiseido the creamy nattural concealer.Also with your dryness it might be best to use your Retin-A cream every other night to every two night. Alternate for your skin's benefit. Hope this helps!

Re: Help me cover up my acne!!!

I've also used retinoid creams prescribed by my derm and had to be very cautious about the products/makeup I put on my very sensitive face. Just for reference, my acne was severe (everyone thinks their acne is severe but when the derm tells you it is, you gotta believe it). I also could not use products with other acne medication in them (SA and BP). 


The most important thing is moisturizing. Esp on retinoids, your skin is going to be very dry and peely so lotion is a must. My derm recommended Cerave (its sold in any drugstore) and im loving it.You should wait at least 10 mins or so after applying your retinoid and another 10 mins or so for the lotion to soak in before applying your makeup. 


depending on the day, i use either my bb cream ( a korean brand that is incomparable to any american brands..Dr G (NOT Dr Jart)), or MUFE HD. What about the MUFE do you dislike? It doesnt break me out, nor does the MUFE concealer, but thats just me. 


Honestly though, determining what products break you out or not is going to be a trial and error thing. What breaks me out may not break you out. Get samples for different products and just try them out for at least a week. Also, try to limit the amount of products on your face. Your skin is going thru a very sensitive time right now where it needs to breathe and heal without makeup/products interfering. Follow your derm's regimen closely. My derm specifically told me not to use face serums/oils as they might negatively affect my prescribed regimen. Keep it simple!


ps. I hope you know about the intial breakout/purging period usually associated with face broke out worse than ever  when on these hellish creams..Good Luck and stay strong!

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