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Help me choose please!!!

I have been using Too Faced Eyeliner forever in Perfect Navy to line both inner and lower rim of eye.... Its true that a blue liner does make my brown eyes pop. I love the consistency of Too faced brand and am hesitant about trying something new but Im looking for a brighter sapphire blue vs the navy I use now... I looked and narrowed it to these top 3 and was looking for help to which one is your favorite... I kinda want to go tonight to pick one up so please help me out Sephora Dolls---- XOXO -- Damsel in Distress 

Re: Help me choose please!!!

Hi lolo01,


That is in fact a true fact, but then again brown eyes can get away with pretty much wearing any color Smiley Wink.

Out of the three liners I would personally go with NARS! I love how rich and creamy the formulas are Smiley Happy. I also like how well their liners stick to my waterline. Expect to hear from others on their favorites as well!

Whimsically yours,

Re: Help me choose please!!!

Thank you Janinebt I will for sure purchase the Nars then... <3


Re: Help me choose please!!!

Definitely the Nars.  You should also try indigo colors blue w/just a small amount of purple in it. Gorgeous!

Re: Help me choose please!!!

which indigo do you suggest @beautylovingirl...what is your fav brand/color?

Re: Help me choose please!!!

@lolo01- I use the Bare Minerals Big and Bright Eye Liner in Indigo. I have loved this color since the very first, I have hazel eyes and I get compliments all day long when I wear this, and I know if it looks great on hazel eyes it will brown eyes also because brown can do any color of eye liner and pull it off well.Smiley Happy


Re: Help me choose please!!!

Thank you so much for the advice Smiley Happy the rain stopped me from going out today but for sure tomm after work I will stop by Sephora Smiley Happy

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