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Help for my mothers skin!

My mom is in her mid-40's, young looking with a few wrinkles and visible pores. Her issue is that she has very oily skin and her face & eye makeup doesn't even last an hour for her. I need some suggestions on what products she can use so that her foundation & eyeshadow can last her throughout the day. Powder settles into her fines lines, making her look older. Shes tried a ton of different products yet none seem to work Smiley Sad Help!


Re: Help for my mothers skin!

What exactly has she used in the past and what is she using now?

Re: Help for my mothers skin!

Shes used too faced eyeshadow primer, as well as lancome Tient Miracle foundation and makeup forever HD foundation. Right now shes using laura geller Anti-aging foundation. As far as her skin care routine she uses olay moisture sunscreen for combination/oily skin & their night fortifying moisture cream.

Re: Help for my mothers skin!

I second Beautylovingirl in wanting to know what she has tried that hasn't worked for her and what skincare/foundation she's using now.


To start off, I definitely recommend primers for both problems.  My favorite eye primer is Too Faced Shadow Insurance though many people swear by Urban Decay's Primer Potion (they have a new anti-aging formula too.)

My favorite face primer is Clarins Instant Smooth.  It fills in lines and pores and is great for both mature and oily skin types.

Re: Help for my mothers skin!

I just replied what she uses to Beautylovingirl. I will tell her about clarins instant smooth primer. I've heard that product is really good for mature and oily skin. Thank you!

Re: Help for my mothers skin!

She needs to be using something to combat the oiliness yet something that will also help in anti-aging as well. For skin care I would suggest she look at the Bosica Black line. It will help with anti-aging as well the pores. The whole line is already put together in a routine. Another one she could look at would be the Algenist line. All products are self explanatory and simple to use. I also suggest she look at the Algenist Muti-perfecting Pore corrector gel moisturizer and also a primer from Algenist that would be perfect to apply before her foundation. As far as foundation I would suggest she look at Kat Von D's foundation and follow with the MUFE HD powder to set. Hope this helps!

Re: Help for my mothers skin!

I have used Murad Oil Control Mattifier and it works great to help control oiliness.  Also try using an oil-free primer.  I had quit using translucent powders because they settled in my fine lines around my eyes.  Then I found Make Up Forever High Definition Powder. I apply with a large brush avoiding the eye area.  I also use Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and it helps keep my shadows from sliding off.


It seems that there are not a lot of anti-aging cosmetics that also help with oil control or I just haven't found them yet.  So, I would look for a skincare line (cleanser, toner, lotion) that combats oiliness then add anti-aging serums and eye creams.  I'm still looking for a great serum and eye cream.  I'm not ready to commit shelling out the big bucks unless I know it's really going to work.

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