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Help With Foundation For Oily Skin!


I have combination-oily skin. I get shiny and oil in my T-Zone and chin while my cheeks usually stay pretty dry. For a couple years now, I have been using  Clinique's Acne Solutions foundation. I find it doesn't blend as well as I would like and am still oily throughout the day (I do use blotting sheets for excess oil).


I just bought NARS Sheer Matte foundation and their oil-free primer but am not noticing any sort of difference in the appearnace/shininess/oil on my face. I think it actually may be worse. By noon it still looks shinny and I have to blot it. I also use MUFU HD Microfine powder and find when I am put my makeup on the morning this does give me the velvetie feel I want...but again by noon its all lost.


Does anyone in the beauty world have any recommendations? I open to trying almost anything (night lotion, foundation, primer, etc.) to help control the oil and shine. I would like to not have to worry about blotting my face throughout the day

Re: Help With Foundation For Oily Skin!

The MUFE HD powder is more so a finishing powder rather than a touch up powder because too much silica on skin can build up and leave a white cast on skin.


Try instead to use a multi-tasking product such as Benefit's Porefessional, which is a pore minimizer, oil absorbing primer that can also be tapped over skin to minimize shine throughout the day without caking on powder or using blotting sheets which can lift your make up.


Myself and other users, included one of the mods (Janine) gave some product recommendations for you here:

Re: Help With Foundation For Oily Skin!

Ugh, I know what you mean!  After allll the skin care products and alll the primers and alllll the foundations I've tried...there's still not a 100% cure for what ails us.  2 foundations I've recently tried do, however, work really well: Lancome's Teinte Idole 24H and Lancome's Dual Finish Powder Foundation.  I actually ADORE the feel and wear (non-heavy) of the DF better than the Idole.  It goes on smoother than the other, but the Idole really does a bit better at controlling shine for longer.  It's not 100%, but it is pretty good.


I use no primers.  Never.  I simply don't like how they either bring out every fleck of dry skin that might be lying low, or they are too heavy feeling.


For powder on the Idole formula, I use Tarte's Finishing Powder and really, really love it.  It never ever cakes, so it works really well.

Re: Help With Foundation For Oily Skin!

all of lylysa's ideas are great (as usual!!!)

other things you can try are ysl's mattifying primer and using powder foundations like the mufe pro-finish,

I can't vouch for this, but I also heard that using a good toner makes a world of a difference..

Re: Help With Foundation For Oily Skin!

Thanks, girl! Smiley Happy

You're right about the toner, though toners aren't necessary for all skin types or regimens, they can be great supplemental tools for problematic skin like oily or acne prone skin types, especially with large pores because toners help to clarify and prep skin for better reception to treatments and specialty products!

To Brie, check out Murad's Clarifying Toner, with witch hazel, a natural astringent to keep pores clean and remove excess oil.

Re: Help With Foundation For Oily Skin!

Try some thing like Murad's oil free mattifier it does a great job in absorbing that extra oil. Also you may want to try something in a powder foundation like the MUFE pro finish powder foundation or another good mattifying foundation would be Hourglass Immaculate liquid powder foundation. Hope this helps!

Re: Help With Foundation For Oily Skin!

I agree, using a toner really helped with my combination skin and kept my makeup staying on longer in the oily areas! Mattifying primers are great and the Murad one was SUPER smoothing to keep my makeup from getting oily or greasy.

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Help With Foundation For Oily Skin!

Which toner do you use?

Re: Help With Foundation For Oily Skin!

I have really oily skin and I love Murad's Oil Control Mattifier and I just follow that up with Smashbox Photo Finish in light (it has no oil).  Then I continue on with NARS tinted moisturizer and powder.  I usually only have to blot once if I'm going out.

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