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Help! Wedding makeup for oily, blemished skin with large pores?

As per the title of the post, I have oily skin with large pores, and plenty of blemishes. I'm getting married in August and I just had a makeup trial yesterday.  The makeup looked good for a little over an hour and then started "sliding" and looking muddy, even with primer.  The foundation caked up around my pimples and lines on my face, making them even more visible, and the eye makeup in the crease rubbed off because of oily lids.  I don't remember the brands my makeup artist used but they were high quality, just too heavy for my skin.  Can anyone make a recommendation about a brand/type of foundation and eye makeup I should buy to use for my wedding day?  Remember: oily, porous, blemishes, summer wedding. Please help!

Re: Help! Wedding makeup for oily, blemished skin with large pores?

First of all, congratulations to you!! ((:


I have super oily skin that turns to an oil slick a couple hours after I wash my face, so I totally know what you're talking about. I really really recommend:


1. Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer
This is amazing, and used in conjunction with the next product I'm going to mention, it helps your makeup stay so much longer. It also counteracts redness a little and feels amazing on your skin.


2. Hourglass Immaculate Foundation
I've probably tried most of the "mattifying" foundation at Sephora, and this is the only one that comes close to matching my oily skin. It dries down to a matte, powdery finish, and stays on so much longer than any of the other foundations I've tried without looking super cakey and just sliding off my face. Even if you don't try the primer I mentioned above (because I know Hourglass products are super pricey), definitely try this foundation!


3. Urban Decay DeSlick Setting Spray
This is a spray you spritz on before you put on makeup as a toner/primer and then again after you're done applying all your makeup. It gives everything a really natural finish and extends the life of your foundation.


4. Tarte Smooth Operator Setting Powder
This helps with the oiliness, although I've heard that some people like the Makeup Forever Microfinish Powder better. If you need extra coverage, I also find that setting a powder foundation on top of your liquid foundation helps it stay in place really well! I used to always do this when I needed some extra coverage.


Hope this helped, and congratulations again on the wedding! (:

Re: Help! Wedding makeup for oily, blemished skin with large pores?



Here's one thing to be wary of: avoid SPF!  Normally, it's a fantastic thing, but it makes for a white tint in flash photography.


One of the best products I've found is Guerlain's Meteorites Pressed Powder:


It is a great touch-up/mattifying powder for during the day.


As far as eye makeup, I'd recommend NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base: as your primer.

Re: Help! Wedding makeup for oily, blemished skin with large pores?

Hi Donnaronna,


You have already been given excellent advice! Congrats on your wedding!! Couldn't agree more with what has been said Smiley Happy.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Help! Wedding makeup for oily, blemished skin with large pores?

I would get a sample of Estee Lauders Double foundation.  it stays in place all day, stays matte all day, has great coverage and a georgeous finish.  I have similar skin issues as you described and this one works great for me.  I am not how it photographs, though, so definetely get a sample to play with and take photos in.


Re: Help! Wedding makeup for oily, blemished skin with large pores?

I have very oily skin too, and I also had an August wedding.  I hired someone to do my makeup and she used Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme.  It stayed on all day, but if I were getting married today, I would probably go with Cover FX liquid foundation (also oil free) because it feels a little lighter.  


For eye makeup, I used two thin layers for UD Primer potion.  For some reason, it seems to work better than one layer.  Just split up the little pearl of primer you'd normally use and do half on the eye lid, wait a few seconds, then apply the other half.  


One more thing that helped is extra moisturizer in the months leading up to the wedding.  I think one of the reasons I am so oily is because I don't moisturize my face diligently enough.  I stepped it up for a few months and the oil production really decreased a lot.  I've been told it works out that way because often times skin can produce excess oil to make up for dry skin, but since you're so oily, you think you have oily skin and end up using moisturizer that isn't moisturizing enough.  I didn't switch to a moisturizer for dry skin, though because those are too oily and aggravate my acne.  I just used a moisturizer for normal skin. 


Good luck!

Re: Help! Wedding makeup for oily, blemished skin with large pores?

Im definitely with mxcx Hourglass Immaculate is matter than matte... you will remain oil free all day and night! Smiley Happy I have it but mostly use during summer bc during the cold weather it can dry out your face but give it a try Smiley Happy Congrats btw Smiley Happy

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