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Help, Please! Eyeliner "Emergency!"

Hello, everyone! While I am brand-new to this site, I've been a rabid makeup junkie pretty much since birth! I love trying out absolutely any and all cosmetics, from the poshest of the high-end to the cheapest of the drugstore lines. My current product dilemma: I have a recurrent bone cancer, for which I am undergoing treatment right now. I am receiving semi-experimental chemotherapy, and, thank God, I still have a headful of long hair. However, my eyelashes have started to fall out. For several years now I have worn Cover Girl's Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner in Grey Khaki or Smashbox's Limitless Eyeliner in Golden Ivy for my regular daytime look. Now that I'm losing my lashes, reliable liner has become crucial; I look sick (at worst) and startled (at best) without it. My favorites just aren't cutting it right now, especially the Cover Girl. Smeary liner does absolutely nothing to disguise bald eyes. Could somebody please suggest a liner that wears like iron, in something similar to these shades--or another flattering shade? I have dark, chocolate-pudding-colored eyes and a very-light olive complexion. Currently I'm wearing Urban Decay's Naked Basics eyeshadows. By the way, I don't want to wear false eyelashes; while I have investigated that route, they just don't look natural on me for daytime. Thanks to all of you who read and take the time to respond to this!

Re: Help, Please! Eyeliner "Emergency!"

Hi SiameseLouise I am so sorry to hear you are going through that. Smiley Sad I recommend trying Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes.  They are waterproof and smudge-proof and come in a wide variety of shades. In particular, I would take a look at 5L Bronze Green and 21L Dark Grey.





Re: Help, Please! Eyeliner "Emergency!"

If you are comfortable with using a brush to apply eyeliner, I can't recommend Tarte's EmphasEYES waterproof clay shadow/liner highly enough. It stays on for a couple of days, even after washing my face, if I don't use  a separate eye makeup remover. I like that I have more control over the thickness and shape of the line with the brush. I think the bronze shade is lovely and really makes eyes pop, but if you are looking for something more matte, brown would be a great choice.


I wish you the very best with your treatments and recovery. 

Re: Help, Please! Eyeliner "Emergency!"

BeaPD and Keelybt, thank you so very much for your kind replies and great advice! The products that each of you have recommended sound exactly like what I need. BeaPD, I am comfortable re.applying liner with a brush (and actually already own several for that purpose). Keelybt, the Bronze Green liner you've recommended appears to be very similar to my beloved Stila pencil, although the Dark Gray looks very lovely as well.  I am going to order each option and am very excited to try them. I intend to share your advice with the other ladies in the chemo treatment room as well, as we're all in the same boat where eyelashes are concerned! I appreciate your good wishes more than you'll ever known--God bless. --Louise


Re: Help, Please! Eyeliner "Emergency!"

I'm so sorry that you're having to go through all that SiameseLouise. Sending bunches of positive thoughts your way!!!

I couldn't agree with BeaPD any more. I LOVE Tarte's EmphasEYES waterproof clay liner. I work 2 jobs and have pretty oily skin but even after a long day my eye liner hasn't moved! It's by far my favorite eyeliner that I've ever used, just make sure you keep the lid sealed tight so it doesn't dry out. Take care and well wishes!

Re: Help, Please! Eyeliner "Emergency!"

I hope you're feeling okay. If you are looking for a good pencil eyeliner you could try the urban decay 24/7 eye pencils. They go on really creamy and smooth, but they dry down and set really nicely. From the drugstore, recently I have been pleased by the jordana semi permanent liquid eyeliner. Also, if you want to try a gel liner, MUFE or MAC has some good ones. 

Hope this helped


Re: Help, Please! Eyeliner "Emergency!"

Livemakeup14 and Contentlykaykay, thanks so much for your advice! I will definitely take your suggestions! It's so nice to have a variety of options, with different formulas and colors to try out. I've never, ever been a no-makeup kind of girl, and right now good, dependable products are so important not only for my appearance but my self-esteem as well. I even bring one of my makeup bags to the hospital whenever I'm admitted. (The huge multicompartment "train case" of products stays at home then! Smiley Happy It really is true that one feels better if one looks better! Many thanks for your help and good wishes--God bless. Louise 

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