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Heading off to college, Time for a new me. :)

Okay I will be heading off to college this coming August Smiley Very Happy. I'm so excited, and thanks to a friend I'm slowly starting to get into make up. I love color, I love playing around with colors. I have a BH Cosmetics 120 Eye Shadow Palette that I love playing around with. My problem is my face. Trying to find a foundation that covers my acne without the thick, cakey feeling. My skin starts out really dry in the morning and gets oily throughout the day, and right now I live in Texas and work at a Sonic so I really need something that covers and really stays. Any advise? 

Re: Heading off to college, Time for a new me. :)

Hey there!


Congrats on the upcoming change! Now to find you a foundation that will stick through the fun and stress of college life Smiley Happy



I am a firm believer in the Hello Flawless line by Benefit Cosmetics.



I think it provides excellent coverage and just has the most gorgeous, weightless feel! Plus, they have so many shades that it's virtually impossible not to find one that matches your skin tone exactly. I have combination skin like yours and have been using it for a few years now and I would never turn back! Good luck!

Re: Heading off to college, Time for a new me. :)

Is this something I can buy from Sephora as well? I'm going to be living in Corpus Christi and well I kinda what this down pack before I go there lol. 

Re: Heading off to college, Time for a new me. :)

Hi Ces18,


Congrats! Such an exciting time and I wish you the best of luckSmiley Happy


For foundation, try to look for something that is very long wearing. I highly recommend the Make Up Forever Face & Body Liquid Makeup which is water resistant. It has buildable coverage and it will look natural on your face.


If you want more coverage for your acne scars and spots. Dab a little bit of the Full Cover Concealer. It's great for underneath the eyes and also works as an eye shadow primer!


<3 Melissa

Re: Heading off to college, Time for a new me. :)

I agree with melissabt on the MUFE concealer- it is awesome

Re: Heading off to college, Time for a new me. :)

Thanks for that, but another question sorry what's the difference between this foundation and Make Up Forever HD Foundation?

Re: Heading off to college, Time for a new me. :)

Both are very different. Face and Body is water resistant and has a more sheer to medium coverage. HD is more of a med-full coverage and it blurs minor imperfections on the skin.

<3 Melissa

Re: Heading off to college, Time for a new me. :)

And just a question -- are you using the right sort of moisturizer underneath your makeup and are you drinking enough water?


Okay, I guess that was two questions. Smiley Happy


You said you start out really dry and get oily through the day.  Some of that might just be the humidity/climate, but do make sure that you are also moisturizing well so that your skin isn't creating oil to try to cope with the fact that it's dry.  Just because you have acne and may be treating it with products that dry you out doesn't mean you shouldn't moisturize well.


And make sure, especially in your heat, that you're drinking WATER.  Not soda/pop/whatever you want to call it.  Keeping yourself hydrated helps with the skin, too.  (I am trying to be much better about this one myself.)

Re: Heading off to college, Time for a new me. :)

I used a Clean and Clear advantage acne cleanser kit and it comes with a Daily Protecting Moisturizer with SPF 15. Oh hard to believe but I don't drink soda that often. It gives me headaches. I stick to teas and a lot of juice. Snapple mostly, but yea I will differently try the water thing. Smiley Happy 

Re: Heading off to college, Time for a new me. :)

Yay, congratulations on your upcoming college experience! College is definitely a good time for experimentation; I went through many phases of makeup through college. Smiley Tongue


Anyway, I have super oily skin that turns to an oil slick a couple hours after I wash my face, so I totally know what you're talking about. I also break out consistently, and I definitely agree with mafan about moisturizing your skin enough. If you don't keep your skin hydrated, it feels the needs to produce more oil to compensate for the dryness! But you definitely want an oil-free moisturizer.


Once your skin is moisturized (I also recommend exfoliating at least two times a week because that can reduce sebum and lessen dry flakes if you have those too), I really really recommend:


1. Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer
This is amazing, and used in conjunction with the next product I'm going to mention, it helps your makeup stay so much longer. It also counteracts redness a little and feels amazing on your skin.


2. Hourglass Immaculate Foundation
I've probably tried most of the "mattifying" foundation at Sephora, and this is the only one that comes close to matching my oily skin. It dries down to a matte, powdery finish, and stays on so much longer than any of the other foundations I've tried without looking super cakey and just sliding off my face. Even if you don't try the primer I mentioned above (because I know Hourglass products are super pricey), definitely try this foundation!


3. Urban Decay DeSlick Setting Spray
This is a spray you spritz on before you put on makeup as a toner/primer and then again after you're done applying all your makeup. It gives everything a really natural finish and extends the life of your foundation.


4. Tarte Smooth Operator Setting Powder
This helps with the oiliness, although I've heard that some people like the Makeup Forever Microfinish Powder better. If you need extra coverage, I also find that setting a powder foundation on top of your liquid foundation helps it stay in place really well! I used to always do this when I needed some extra coverage.


I really recommend going to your nearest Sephora and scheduling a makeover/trial with one fo the associates. They're really fantastic, but I would suggest calling and scheduling a time in advance since you might have a lot to discuss (in my experience, they're usually less busy on weekday mornings if you're able to make it around then).


The only thing I'd caution against is that the primer and foundation I mentioned can sometimes accentuate patches of dryness, so you really want to moisturize and exfoliate well. Those steps can also help out with your breakouts and calm your skin down too.

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