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Having allergic reaction to eye makeup - help!

I'm breaking out with an eczema-type rash on and around my eyes. I use Bare Minerals except for Christian Dior mascara. I cannot go without make up every day, but that's the only thing that allows my eyes to heal. (I do have prescribed ointment for it.) Is there any eye makeup that's for very sensitive skin?

Re: Having allergic reaction to eye makeup - help!

Clinique is formulated for sensitive skin/eyes.  They have a wide range of mascaras and other eye products.  The Dior might not agree with your eyes. 

Re: Having allergic reaction to eye makeup - help!

Hi Newsgirl88 Oh no!  Are there any ingredients your doctor has told you to avoid?  Clinique might work for you as it is allergy tested, but it really depends on what  is causing the irritation.


Re: Having allergic reaction to eye makeup - help!

Maybe Tarte or Josie Maran?  Both of those come up under the natural category when I am looking at eyeshadows.  

Re: Having allergic reaction to eye makeup - help!

I have that too! I went to the dermatologist with it and it was first diagnosed as eczema, but I was unconvinced. I received a second opinion and found out it was some sort of a fungus. I still have it, (unable to get rid of it) and to this day I don't know what caused it. Were you given cortisone cream?

Re: Having allergic reaction to eye makeup - help!

Though going without make up may be hard, the best thing is to give the proper time your skin needs to repair and heal itself.


The suggestions for Tarte, Clinique, and Josie Maran are all on point and wonderful. Also, keep in mind any changes in your skin care products used around the eyes (face wash, eye creams, moisturizers, etc.) and take note if maybe the irritation might be stemming from that (or even other things like primer).


Kate Somerville has an excellent and very gentle eye make up remover that also has the dual benefit of conditioning your lashes in the process with their strengthening peptide complex.

You can use that with or without water to remove any eye make up or just to delicately cleanse the areas around your eyes while helping to improve lash health.


In the meanwhile since you have to go without eye make up, try experimenting maybe with a fun, juicy and bright lip shade! This is perfect for Summer and gives you a good pop of color without needing to rely solely on eye make up to give you a look!

Re: Having allergic reaction to eye makeup - help!

are you sure this is an allergic reaction? if you are using the same products every day, they are unlikely to all of the sudden cause a new rash. perhaps it is just an eczema outbreak which can be triggered by all sorts of things? if it is truly an allergy, then the trick will be to find out what you are allergic to and eliminate that. if it is just an eczema rash that is not due to an allergen, then definitely use an ointment (hopefully is has some steroids in it). i'm not sure you need to stay away from makeup entirely. i would stay away from masacara for the time being, but do you really have to go bare faced? 

Re: Having allergic reaction to eye makeup - help!

It's going to be best to leave all make up off your face and around your eyes regardless until you find out exactly what it is you are reacting to. Anything around your eyes is nothing to mess with. I suggest you see your family doctor to see what he/she recommends. Hope this helps!

Re: Having allergic reaction to eye makeup - help!

Hi, newsgirl88!  I'm sorry your having this problem!  I agree with @lylysa and @beautylovingirl.  You need to leave the makeup off your eyes until they heal.


I know this will be hard because I've done this before.  Even now I no longer wear mascara or eyeliner because I have no eyelashes.  It's scary the first day because you know everyone is staring at you.  But the next thing you know, you're ensconced in your daily routine and then it's time to go home.  And guess what?  You survived!  No one made fun of you; nothing bad happened; the world didn't end--do you want me to go on?


I suggest you put together a list of all the ingredients for each item you used and see what ingredients are the same.  This doesn't necessarily mean one (or more) of these are the problem, but this may be a good place to start.


Someone posted that you would not become allergic or sensitive to an ingredient overnight after using a product for years (I'm paraphrasing).  I disagree.  This too has happened to me.  A few years ago my scalp became extremely sensitive to something in shampoo and conditioner in which anything I use made my scalp itch like crazy.  About a month ago (yes, it took that long), I switched to Free and Clear - no dyes, lanolin, fragrance, masking fragrance, protein, parabens, or formaldehyde.  My scalp has completely stopped itching.  One of those items is the problem; most likely fragrance.

Re: Having allergic reaction to eye makeup - help!

Hi there,


I wanted to chime in as well- I had the very same thing happen and it wasn't until later I realized it wasn't my makeup but the eyemakeup REMOVER that was causing that same sort of eczema dry rash/irritation on my eyes. Smiley Sad


What face wash and remover are you using? You have amazing tips already provided by our fabulous users but I just want to make sure you're not using a shake to mix type of remover which can often be a culprit for the eye irritation.

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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