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Hakuhodo Brush Users!



I bought some Hakuhodo eye brushes after seeing Temptalia reviews raving about them as well as some recommendations on here. 


I want to buy a brush for highlighting above my cheekbones with Nars Albatross. I was thinking of getting the J4004 based upon a Temptalia review. Has anyone used that or can anyone recommend a better brush for that purpose from Hakuhodo?


I also want to buy a concealer brush from them but there are so many choices making it difficult. Does anyone have recommendations for that?


I would appreciate it! I want to place my order soon. My old brushes are no longer pleasing me. 

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

So I did use the J4004 for Albatross. I already saw you place the order Smiley Happy I think you will happy with it for Albatross purpose. Yes I think hard too mess it up with highlighting powder since it picks up little product especially with Nars Albatross or New Order. While you are into fan brushes, please look into the Hakuhodo white and black fan brush. I only had the white one. Love it. Btw you just brought out the big Hakuhodo BT community.Smiley Happy should we start posting our brush collection pix? Lol Smiley Wink

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Just to clarify, i use Hakuhodo white fan for different purposes (not for highlighting or I will look liked a clown) since it is a giant compare to J4004. 

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

I definitely was happy with the J4004 with Albatross! Smiley Happy You mean the black version of the J4004? Dang, I should have looked into that before placing my order. And, posting pictures would be great but I was unable to post mine's. Smiley Sad It gave me an error code. Maybe there is a limit to the size of the picture?

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Sorry I meant this fan brush and it's black version. I think the white one about $44 and the black one about $63. Just in case you're looking for more fan brushes Smiley Wink Enjoy your brushes. Smiley Happy

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Something is wrong with Sephora website. I have hard time loading picture too. But here is another shot of the brushes' heads. Sorry my brushes are dirty.

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

I'm not into fan brushes, but i use the WG #2 brush for highlighting

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Thanks, I will keep that in mind if the J4004 doesn't work out. 

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!


Just wanted to add my five cents Smiley Happy

Recently I've bought few Hakuhodo brushes: K007 for eyeliner, G545 for liquid foundation and concealing large areas and J242G for concealer/cream eyeshadow. I love all of them, they are definitely the softest best quality brushes I've ever owned.

I also have Wayne Goss brush #2 and love it too. It's a great multitasker - I use it for blush, contouring and even powder (I have small face though). The brush's look and feel is very similar to Hakuhodo ones, it is quite possible that's where Wayne manufactures his brushes.

When buying Hakuhodo brushes I was browsing different beauty blogs and the best one I've found was sweetmakeuptemptations created by Sonia. She has great collection of brushes (not only Hakuhodo ones) and her reviews are very detailed and helpful. She's very sweet and knowledgable too, people ask her questions about brushes all the time, and she tries to help everyone.

The biggest disadvantage with Buying Hakuhodo brushes is that you can't see them before buying. So what I did when choosing brushes was taking brush size from their web site and drawing the whole brush on paper. This way I could put the brushes I already have next to it and get better idea of its size.

Hakuhodo customer service is great too, they respond quickly and really know their brushes, their answers are really helpful and informative

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Hello, thank you. I just looked up the J242G and now I am thinking of getting that one. So many choices!!! Are you able to blend with that? If not then I will get that plus J124R or BJ125R along with it. 


And, yeah, I have a few eye brushes, they are really soft. I will slowly upgrade my other brushes to Hakuhodo, too. Smiley Very Happy


And, yeah, you might be right cause Hakuhodo manafactures for other companies.  I will look up sweetmakeuptemptations as well.


Their customer service is great, they recommended a few for me. Smiley Happy 

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

J242G is a little bit longer(I mean the actual hair, not handle) more narrow and thinner than MAC 239, this would be the easiest way to compare. I actually tried to use it with Studio Finish concealer and quite like it, but since it can perform only minimal blending (it's not really fluffy), you have to take tiniest amount of concealer, distribute it and then apply some more as required. You can't pile up concealer and then try to blend it out with this brush.

With that being said, this brush is great for applying concealer for relatively small zones. I have thin skin and sides of my noses near the eyes can get dark blue, it's like weird extension of under eye circles, and this brush is perfect for that hard to reach area. I also love it for eyeshadow base (I use MAC Paint Pot), and it works great for powder eyeshadows as well.

If you prefer fluffier brush (which would be great with Studio Finish Concealer and definitely will be perfect for blending), you might want to check out J5523, it can be used with creams as well. It is similar to MAC 217, but a little bit thinner. I'm planning to buy it in future, since I've recently bought Sephora #57 brush for that purpose (good brush, but I wish it was a little smaller).

I wish I knew about Hakuhodo brushes sooner, I've bought quite a few expensive brushes and unfortunately some of them are definitely not worth the money when compared to Hakuhodo

Regarding deciding what to get - don't do impulse buys, you can end up with too many brushes Smiley Happy Write down all the brushes you are interested in, and forget about them for a week. Then look through the list again and see if you really need them all, most of the times it works really well for me Smiley Happy

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