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Hakuhodo Brush Users!



I bought some Hakuhodo eye brushes after seeing Temptalia reviews raving about them as well as some recommendations on here. 


I want to buy a brush for highlighting above my cheekbones with Nars Albatross. I was thinking of getting the J4004 based upon a Temptalia review. Has anyone used that or can anyone recommend a better brush for that purpose from Hakuhodo?


I also want to buy a concealer brush from them but there are so many choices making it difficult. Does anyone have recommendations for that?


I would appreciate it! I want to place my order soon. My old brushes are no longer pleasing me. 

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Wow, you are super fast Smiley Happy thank you so much for such detailed review, too bad it allows me to give you just one heart

Now I think I need both brushes - one for concealer, and the other one for crease. Those brushes are pure evil for one's wallet  Smiley Happy

thanks again

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Thanks marika. My second day using both brushes and I'm really liking the J214R. Think that one may just be enough (for recommendation purposes).


Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

My review of the brushes:


J214R: This brush is very soft and fluffy! I used it to apply and blend MAC Studio Finish Concealer (Studio Finish is a dry and very pigmented cream formula ) on acne hyperpigmentation first even though it isn't a traditional concealer brush (I wanted to see if it would work). It was so easy to blend it, it disappeared right into my skin. I was so amazed that I decided to use it to apply concealer on my under eye area. That worked just as well. I definitely would recommend this brush to others. Especially because I did not even plan on using MAC Studio Finish under my eyes since it's a dry formula but I decided to try it just because this brush was so good at blending. 


J004G (Similar to MAC 239): I used this brush sweep on color on my entire lid. It picked up just the right amount of eyeshadow and allowed me to pack on color! And, of course this one is soft, too. I have not tried MAC 239 though so, I cannot directly compare it to that brush. But, sweetmakeuptemptations blog compared this brush to MAC 239 and said it could do everything that MAC 239 could which is a holy grail product for many people. This brush satisfied me enough so that I am no longer tempted to try out the MAC 239 brush. Smiley Happy


J4004: I used this brush with NARS Albatross. It is thin but I didn't feel like it was too thin at all. It definitely allowed me to lightly apply the highlighter. I have used other brushes to apply NARS Albatross and it's so easy to over do it and have it look like a disco ball glittery look. But, with this fan brush, I was able to achieve a soft sun kissed glow. My only complaint would be that I think I would have preferred a smaller fan brush for cheekbone highlighting. I feel like that would make the process quicker. But, then again-I do have a small face so, that may not be a concern to others. I might look into an angled highlighter brush for cheek bone highlighting if I do not get used to this brushes sizes. 


I took pictures of all of these brushes but Sephora gives me an error code when I try to upload them so, if anyone really wants to see then-how do I fix that or what is the problem? Lol. 

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

P.S. I liked the J214R so much that I am thinking of using that brush for eyeshadow blending and switching out my J5523 brush for concealer. Or buying 2. It's just that great! 

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Thanks so much for the review! I was planning to get J5523 as a replacement for my MAC 217, but now I think I might just get J214R, everyone seems to love it so much

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