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Hakuhodo Brush Users!



I bought some Hakuhodo eye brushes after seeing Temptalia reviews raving about them as well as some recommendations on here. 


I want to buy a brush for highlighting above my cheekbones with Nars Albatross. I was thinking of getting the J4004 based upon a Temptalia review. Has anyone used that or can anyone recommend a better brush for that purpose from Hakuhodo?


I also want to buy a concealer brush from them but there are so many choices making it difficult. Does anyone have recommendations for that?


I would appreciate it! I want to place my order soon. My old brushes are no longer pleasing me. 

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Thanks! It must have been so cool to go to Japan! I already went ahead and placed an order. I got the J4004 fan brush. I will look at the one you and others recommended if it doesn't work out for some reason though.


Smiley Happy

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

opinionatedjenn, because I was looking through the brushes to help you decide, of course that meant that I had to actually buy some after all that leg work. Smiley Wink I couldn't decide so ordered both the J125R and the J214R. Not to mention, I received my Le Metier de Beaute Large Concealer Brush, which I plan to use for initial application. So I think I'll be set for concealer brushes! I do know from experience that if one of the brushes don't work out, that they can always be used for something else. I have several brushes that I set aside because they didn't work for their intended purpose and then rediscovered they were perfect for a different product/application.


We should revisit this post thread to share our findings... Smiley Wink

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Lol, you definitely deserve to after all the research you did. Smiley Happy 


And, yeah, we should! I had a hard time choosing between those 2 brushes, too. So, I definitely am curious about the 1 I did not get. (J125R). 


And, hmm. You are right. They probably can be used for something else most of the time. Smiley Happy


Anyway, I will be back on this thread after I receive and use my new brushes. 


Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Dear opinionatedjenn and DiVWA

Please come back and share your thoughts about those brushes

I'm very curios about them, and planning to place Hakuhodo order soon too Smiley Happy

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

I promise I will as soon as I receive them! Smiley Happy


For the J214R, Mac 239 dupe and J4004. 

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

I received my brushes today. Ordered the on the 5th and already got them today (the 8th)! Sephora won't let me upload the pictures though. It says: Error Code: Upload Failed. Does anyone know how to fix that? 

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!



Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

I have been using Hakuhodo brushes for years. Here are my brushes:

S142L – It blends the colors on my eyes so easily, use it lightly for a flawless effect. MY FAVORITE<3

G5556L – Foundation/Cream blush brush

I also got a full set (they are so amazing):

Powder brush / Blush brush / Eyeshadow brush / Lip brush / Pouch for travel


My blog : Makuality (Google it)








Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

I bet they are. I want to slowly upgrade all of my brushes to Hakuhodo. Smiley Happy

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

@marika123, I'm unable to reply directly to your comment asking me to update when I got my brushes.


I tried out both the J214R and the J125R. I've only used each of them once so my opinion could change after I've had more time using them. Both brushes are soft. The J214R seems to be a bit better for overall blending and buffing--the bristles on it are a bit longer than on the J125R and it's easier to move the brush around. The J125R seems more densely packed, and this, combined with the bristles being shorter and the brush being angled, means this brush is better at more direct application and blending, like in the crease that goes diagonally down from the tear duct. I like both brushes a lot and see myself using both of them for under-eye concealer.


I also used my Le Metier de Beaute Large Concealer Brush for initial application--this brush is pricy but it's wider than most concealer brushes, sort of like a small version of a foundation brush, and I think this is the best traditional concealer type brush I've owned (although it's wider and has more/longer bristles than the traditional brushes). I'm not sure how either the J214R or J125R would perform in initial application -- I tend to use a synthetic flat brush or fingers for the initial dotting/spreading of concealer under my eyes. I suspect they would be okay but these are like eyeshadow brushes to me, in which I tend to keep blending brushes separate from application ones (so the bristles used for blending don't have too much product on them).


I think if only one Hakuhodo brush could be purchased, the J214R is the one to get first, especially if creamier or thicker concealers are being used. This assumes that one already owns a traditional concealer brush for applying, or uses fingers or sponge or something for initial application. If more targeted concealing is being done, such as on small areas of the cheek or other small areas of the face, then it's worthwhile to get the J125R as a second brush.

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