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Hakuhodo Brush Users!



I bought some Hakuhodo eye brushes after seeing Temptalia reviews raving about them as well as some recommendations on here. 


I want to buy a brush for highlighting above my cheekbones with Nars Albatross. I was thinking of getting the J4004 based upon a Temptalia review. Has anyone used that or can anyone recommend a better brush for that purpose from Hakuhodo?


I also want to buy a concealer brush from them but there are so many choices making it difficult. Does anyone have recommendations for that?


I would appreciate it! I want to place my order soon. My old brushes are no longer pleasing me. 

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

P.s. The concealer that I use is MAC Studio Finish.

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

I have the J4004 and it's a nice fan brush if you need a light hand with highlighter. I know I do! I had bought the J511 first for highlighter, but I found it too dense and use it instead for powdering concealer underneath my eyes. I also had an EcoTool fan brush first but it was too thick/dense for me. The bristles of the J4004 are pretty thin, which I think is a big plus for applying highlighter.


Concealer brush wise, I've found that it depends on what you're using it for. I really like Sephora Pro 57 for spreading MAC Pro Longwear concealer above my eyes, which I use as a shadow primer. But it's too dense and scratchy to use underneath my eyes. (I use a different concealer underneath my eyes.) I have two or three different traditional concealer ones but haven't been totally crazy about using them underneath my eyes. (I do have a Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow brush that that I think is better than her concealer brush (which I also have).) I did a bunch of recent research to find a concealer brush that was a bit different from the standard ones, and ended up ordering one that I haven't received yet, Le Metier de Beaute Large Concealer Brush. So I can't comment on whether this will be what I'm looking for, except this brush is wider than it is thick and that seemed intriguing, plus it had some good reviews from bloggers. If that brush isn't right, the one I'm considering next is the G5552.

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

I think I need a light hand with highlighter. Lol. It is so easy to over do it with Albatross. 


I will be using the concealer brush for spot concealing some acne hyperpigmentation. I might get 1 for my under eye area later but as of now I don't wanna use concealer there. I am gonna look up the G5552 right now! I love how Hakuhodo's brushes are so soft! 


Thank you !

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

P.s. I am open to other brands for the concealer brush  but I just prefer Hakuhodo's quality and soft feel!

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

NP, After I wrote all that I realized I probably gave you TMI since I only mentioned Hakuhodo in last sentence! The fan brush is wonderful for lightly applying highlighter, and I mean, just a touch of it. IMHO I think the pointed highlighter brushes would apply too much because of their density--the same issue I had with the J511. My highlighters all have some glitter or shimmer in them and I find the thin width of the J4004 gives me the perfect amount, which isn't much at all. If your highlighter is less shimmery/glittery, then maybe a denser/thicker brush would work for you.


For spot concealing, have you tried any spot concealer brushes? I don't think Hakuhodo makes one but Bobbi Brown and I think Kevyn Aucoin and Sephora make one. I realize these aren't Hakuhodo but couldn't resist. I use a spot concealer brush for spots myself. I sometimes go "cheaper" on brushes like that that are used in a tiny area and, since are dealing with creams or liquids, can be synthetic bristled.

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Lol, it's ok. Your opinion about the J4004 really helped. I am getting that 1 for sure! Smiley Happy I just want to apply a touch. I agree with you that the others might apply too much. 


I actually never even used concealer until recently because I started to not want to wear foundation as much. And, I decided that some days, I am just going to spot conceal and that worked for me because I don't have too much hyperpigmentation on my face. So, I have not tried too many concealer brushes. I have an old Sephora one that is now discontinued.


Which one do you recommend through personal use? 


It will be used with MAC Studio Finish-if you have not used it--it is in a pot and it's creamy but I would not call it moisturizing. 


I am thinking of buying Tarte's concealer in a stick as well though! 

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Correction: I am going to buy Tarte's stick concealer. Might as well take advantage of their sale. Ends today. Lol.

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Glad I could help regarding the fan brush. Smiley Wink


Regarding concealer brush, this is a long answer so excuse the rambling...


Boy, since I'm just now going to try a new concealer brush, I can only recommend what I implied earlier, in terms of looking at where you're putting it to help you decide. I really like the Sephora Pro 57 for spreading it around my upper eye area and lid--it's fuller and rounder than the flat fine-bristled type concealer brushes and it can even be a little clumsy but it works well for big areas that you can really just swoop the brush around. I also use it on my upper lip area which has large pores (yuck) and is whiter than the rest of my face, and it's a champ for that. But around my eyes, I want something different, more gentle but effective. Standard fine-bristle flat type concealer brushes work okay in this area but I wanted something better but wasn't sure what I wanted. That's why I got the Le Metier de Beaute Large Concealer Brush, to see if that would give me what I want.I haven't received it yet so can't comment about it.


My concealer for under eye is Nars Radiant Cream concealer--I'm not sure if that's same consistency as your MAC Studio Finish--it seems a bit thicker than what I use for eye primer (top of lid/under brow). The concealer I use for eye primer is MAC Pro Longwear, which is slightly creamy but not super thick.


If you go with the stick Tarte concealer, if you don't want to apply the stick directly to your face, you'll want a brush that's fine-bristled like a small foundation brush or the standard concealer brush, depending on the area you're covering, to grab some of the concealer off the stick. Then apply concealer (from stick) to the back of your hand and work from there, or if you're using a small foundation brush or standard concealer brush, you could use it directly on your face from that brush--but this would give you less control over the product than using back of your hand for initial "landing pad" first.

The reason I was thinking of Hakuhodo G552 if the Le Metier concealer brush didn't work is that the G5552 is duo-fiber goat and synthetic with 4mm of the synthetic bristles sticking out past the goat bristles. My research found that 4 mm is supposed to be better than 2 mm for liquids/creams (whereas 2 mm is better for powders). Combining goat with synthetic gives best of both worlds--synthetic is actually better for creams/liquids for many purposes, but then the goat gives some benefit too. The G552 is also angled, which is nice for applying to the face, and this is a small brush overall (20 mm --less than 1 inch (25 mm = 1 inch)). I would not recommend this as your first and only concealer brush--get a standard flat fine-bristled synthetic one first, to at least experience that as it will come in handy, and you may find it's more than enough. It could be that G552 effect will end up being similar to my Sephora Pro 57, another reason I've put off buying the G552. I'm hoping the Le Metier gives me what I need/want.


I hope this helps you out instead of confuses you (or makes you fall asleep). LOL

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!



I think it was actually very thoughtful of you to take your time to write such a long post. Not everyone would do that. Smiley Happy So, thank you!


Hmm, so, it seems that the Sephora 57 got the job done but it wasn't as soft as you would have liked. I prefer soft brushes, too. A brush can pick up a lot of product and be amazing with application but if it's not soft enough then I won't like it. And, I am not sure if I will start using concealer on my under eye area. I know I definitely won't with MAC Studio finish. It's pretty thick and not very moisturizing. But, I did end up ordering that Tarte stick concealer so, maybe with that. 


I had been thinking about getting the NARS Radiant concealer but then I was told that it might not stay too  on too long for spot concealing. How easy would you say that is to apply under the eye? 


I looked at the G552 and I also called Hakuhodo for some recommendations! G538 is the standard concealer brush. BJ125R is also an angled brush with synthetic fiber/goat. I guess it's a little smaller than the G5552. The 3rd brush I was recommended was the J214R which is also synthetic fiber/goat and it will help blend softly. 


So, I feel like blending out the concealer will be easier with the J214R vs the angled ones. What do you think? 


And, do you think I should also get the standard one to first apply the product and then just blend it out with the J214R or one of the angled ones?


Or should just the J214R and one of the angled ones be able to the job of applying and blending?


Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

opinionatedjen, you've got three interesting brushes recommended to you. The J214R is reviewed by Wayne Goss on YouTube, so check that out. He likes it for concealer in the dark corner of your eye (on side of nose) and then carrying the concealer downward. It reminds me of the Sephora 57 but is apparently softer and is duo fiber whereas the 57 is natural hair of some sort I think. Blogger shamelessflipperies reviewed this brush and thought it was too big to be called an "eyeshadow" brush, which I agree, and loves it for cream blushes. I actually think it's preferable to the G5552 for concealer and I'm tempted to get this to replace my Sephora 57. Another blogger beautifulactivenourish has photos showing this brush from bristle side, which may help you decide. Painted-lily-blogspot says this is soft and good for concealer around the eye/nose. Sweetmakeuptemptations has a review of all the J-series brushes and loves this one for shadow and "harder cream textures."


it looks like G538 is good for initial application and spreading. The bristles on it are super long! I don't think I'd use if for anything other than that because I don't think the bristles would give me the control I want. Personally, I'd probably pass on this.


The J125R I actually had on my list of maybes. I see it's smaller than the J214R. Sweetmakeuptemptations has this one (or J122R) as one of her HG concealer brushes. It looks like a great brush, with more area at the bottom touching the face at once than the J214R seems to offer. (J214R looks more pointed.) For me personally, I think this would be a great complement to my Sephora 57, assuming I don't get the J214R to replace it. LOL


I think that you should get just a standard one for getting the concealer off the Tarte stick and for initial laying down, and get a better brush for blending. I lean towards the angled J125R for blending, but either that or J214R will work for you. [or get both and let me know how it goes. Smiley Wink]

Regarding concealer, the Nars Radiant is very nice for applying under the eye. I do use eye cream first. I'm not oily under the eye at all and not super dry either, but I find having a thin layer of eye cream helps concealer move along. I've been through so many different concealers because I'm picky under the eye. You really have to get a sample (it will be small but Sephora will make you one) and see what works for you. If you find that all concealers are too creamy and slip too much under the eye, get your color done at Nordstrom's Armani counter and try one of their concealers--they are liquid, almost like foundation, way different consistency than most out there. I used Benefit Erase Paste for awhile but then I found it too drying--it seemed dry just trying to apply it, like there was no smoothness to it. I used Bobbi Brown for awhile too and it suffered from similar faults, plus caked underneath the eye.





Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

I will check our the vidoes and bloggers you mentioned. Hmm, harder cream textures-that makes me want to buy the J214R because Studio Finish isn’t exactly soft. It’s pretty dry.


I don’t know how the Tarte one will be though.

If I got the G538, it would be just for initial application. Someone on this post recommended J242G. I am thinking that might be good for initial application, too and perhaps maybe even blending! If so, then I am just going to get that. Otherwise-I will get 2. I need one that can either do both initial application plus blending or 2 separate. But, I think 2 separate will be easier.


So, as of now I am thinking either just J242G. Or J242G AND J214R or BJ125R. as my options. I don’t think I am going to get both J214R and BJ125R for blending. Lol.


And, hmm, ok. I will get a sample! And, I haven’t tried anything of Armani’s except for their Eyes to Kill Mascara which I absolutely love! But, I will keep that in mind. And, yeah, I think Erase Paste is similar to Studio Finish-the texture. Studio Finish might actual be even more dry!


Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

I just bought a set that included the G5521 highlighting brush (it's also sold separately), and I looooove it. It's a goat/blue squirrel mix and can be used with both powder and liquid. I've tried both and the brush is equally dreamy with either.


Sadly, I can't weigh in on a concealer brush, as I haven't tried one of theirs yet. Soon...

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Hmmm, I will compare that brush with the J4004! 


Thank you. Smiley Happy It is nice to have something to compare with. 

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

I use J5521 for highlighting

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

That was on Temptalia as well. I am trying to decide between that and the J4004 right now. But, I think the J4004 might suit my needs better as I want a light application. 

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

I use G5521 for Nars Albatross. Love the brush. A white hair version of it is J5521. In my personal experience, I wouldn't recommend J4004. Too thin for me. I only use it when I overdo my bronzer/blush which don't happen very often.

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Hmm, thank you for your opinion. How would you say the J4004 is with picking up product vs. the J5521? I prefer something that doesn't pick up too much product for highlighting so, maybe I might actually like that the J4004 is thin. Also, do you use the G5521 just for Albatross or other products, too such as blush/bronzer? 

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Actually I havent used J4004 for a long time. Let me re-experiment with it using Nars Albatross and will let you know. Smiley Wink I used G5521 long time ago for Nars Laguna before I had the Hakuhodo Itabake.

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Ohhh, ok! Lol.

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

So I did use the J4004 for Albatross. I already saw you place the order Smiley Happy I think you will happy with it for Albatross purpose. Yes I think hard too mess it up with highlighting powder since it picks up little product especially with Nars Albatross or New Order. While you are into fan brushes, please look into the Hakuhodo white and black fan brush. I only had the white one. Love it. Btw you just brought out the big Hakuhodo BT community.Smiley Happy should we start posting our brush collection pix? Lol Smiley Wink

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Just to clarify, i use Hakuhodo white fan for different purposes (not for highlighting or I will look liked a clown) since it is a giant compare to J4004. 

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

I definitely was happy with the J4004 with Albatross! Smiley Happy You mean the black version of the J4004? Dang, I should have looked into that before placing my order. And, posting pictures would be great but I was unable to post mine's. Smiley Sad It gave me an error code. Maybe there is a limit to the size of the picture?

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Sorry I meant this fan brush and it's black version. I think the white one about $44 and the black one about $63. Just in case you're looking for more fan brushes Smiley Wink Enjoy your brushes. Smiley Happy

Re: Hakuhodo Brush Users!

Something is wrong with Sephora website. I have hard time loading picture too. But here is another shot of the brushes' heads. Sorry my brushes are dirty.

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