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I am new to this whole makeup business. My friends are very kind in doing my own makeup but being as I turned 15 I want to manage on my own. What are the first things to learn? I hope everyone can help me(:

Re: HELP!!!

where to


I'd say the first and most important thing you want to focus on is skincare. Makeup looks and feels the best when your skin is the best. make sure you're applying moisturizer and sunscreen!


if you're looking for something to conceal imperfections then start with a concealer for just for those spots. if you need more coverage, then maybe a tinted moisturizer or mineral foundation (something sheer. personally, i think you should hold out on wearing a lot of foundation for as long as you can. if you feel comfortable with your bare skin, then please by all means embrace it!) 


then maybe just a simple eyeliner and mascara for your eyes. too much eye shadow at a young age may just be too much.


In my opinion, its best to look your age. makeup should enhance or correct, not completely cover your natural beauty. also, look up youtube tutorials. there are lots of girls out there who are your age and can help you out with a lot! good luck!

Re: HELP!!!

I would agree with Elnxio. I would also say figure out what mascara works best for you. Just start with that. Once you get that figured out try some simple eyeliner shades such as a bronze or gold, and figure out what way it looks best on you. Do the same thing with eyeshadow. Always go for simple classy shades. When you are new and trying out wild shades like bright green or purple it always ends up looking like your a newbie to makeup. I guess what I am trying to say is, start with a little makeup and go with a natural/classy look.Oh, and have FUN!!!!!!!

Re: HELP!!!

what are u aloud to wear? I would start off by trying to practice eyeliner. for me if i can do my eyeliner i am a very happy camper! LOL so then you can do lip liner or something simple. hope to help! if you need help just message me!<3

Re: HELP!!!

Hi there! Im so glad you asked for advice instead of just wingin' it! Im 23 now and I was wearing makeup when I was 15 and it wasnt always a success lol 


First of all, I know everyone is going to tell you this but I cant stress it enough-MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE! Smiley Happy your skin will feel so much better, you'll have less breakouts, makeup will go on your skin better and you will end up using less product in the long run, saving you money.  


So start with finding a great cleansing regiment that works for you. Get a cleanser, a toner, a moisturizer and an exfoliator. With those first three, you're going to want to use those every day or night. With the exfoliator its important to only use it 2-3 times a week max. It will remove any dead skin cells and that will also help your foundation go on better and look less cakey.


Since you're 15 and Im sure you have beautiful young skin, I wouldnt bother with all that other stuff like primers and what not. Start off with choosing a good foundation. Because you're young, go with something water based instead of oil based. As for picking the right color, dont be shy to ask, Im 23 and I still get someone from sephora or MAC to help me pick a color! Just trust them with that, they know what they're doing Smiley Happy And I just want to add that buying makeup from the drug store is of course totally fine and they have some great stuff from great brands but when it comes to foundation, if you can, spend the extra few bucks and get a quality (remember-water based!) foundation. After all, you are putting this stuff on your face pretty much every day.


Next, you should get a good mascara. This is something that I find is even better at drug stores than most of the more expensive ones. I really reccommend the Cover Girl Lash Blast collection. Especially Lash Blast Length, Lash Blast Volume and Lash Blast Fusion. Best of all, Im pretty sure they're all under or around $10.


Next, get a blush and a bronzer. You dont have to go nuts, one of each is fine for now Smiley Happy This is something you can play with and just find a pretty color you like that you think goes well with your skin. For blush, something that's a pinky/coraly shade looks good with most skin tones. And as for bronzer, try not get something too orange or too glittery, sometimes they really over load bronzers with shimmer/sparkles and thats just not a good day or school look.



Ok, eyeshadows! My favourite Smiley Happy Someone else here mentioned that you should start with neutral/earthy/goldish brown shades, and they're absolutely right! You cant go wrong with nude shades like that, they go with every skin tone and you can play around with them, using small amounts and blending really well for daytime and you can really layer it for a night time look. I think a GREAT starter palette is NAKED2 by Urban Decay. If thats pricey for you, you can definitely find similar shades in drug store palettes from Cover Girl or Maybelline or Rimmel etc. I also just want to mention that if you can invest in a couple brushes, that would really help too, your eyeshadow will go on with much more precision and blending would be much easier. If   I could reccommend one brush for that it would be a MAC 217, if thats expensive for you, you can absolutely find a similar brush at the drug store or online.


I hope at least some of this helped you Smiley Happy I go school for this stuff so Im not just blabbing about random things in case you were wondering lol If you have ANY questions at all please feel free to ask and I'll do my best to get back to you quick Smiley Happy  Dont forget to have fun with makeup! It should never become a chore, play around with it and switch it up sometimes Smiley Happy 


Re: HELP!!!

Well I am 16 and I started out watching makeup tutorials on youtube.  You should check out bubzbeauty, michellephan, and macbarbie.  They provide great tips and makeup =)

Re: HELP!!!

Same here can anyone help me too I'm 13

Re: HELP!!!

Hi, Sneeker!


You may want to being utilizing the search bar to view previous threads that may contain information that can help (for example if you're debating between the Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palettes or need help with deciding between brushes) or even start your own thread (the red "Start a conversation" bar is below your profile photo on the front page of Beauty Talk) where users can respond direct to your inquiry as oppose to reviving another user's older thread. 

Re: HELP!!!

I completely agree with Elnxio. Skin care is the most important,before you get started on make-up.

I would go to my local Sephora and try a few samples and see what works for your skin and then work from there on what make-up style you'd like to do and what you can do in your budget.

I suggest watching Jacyln Hill on youtube. She is absolutely amazing and breaks it down so well. She doesn't just show high end make-up;she shows drug store as well. I hope this helps!

Re: HELP!!!

A tip before you get started. Don't buy high-end just yet when it comes to makeup. I'd probably start of with drugstore products so that you can learn how to use them because it often times takes a bit of practice. They're inexpensive so you won't have to worry too much about wasting anything while you're still learning. You can play around with it and get the feel of makeup. After you get comfortable with the types of products that are out there, then move on to high end. 

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