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HELP! I do not understand this undertone

I am an afican-american woman who is struggling with oily/acne prone skin and I frequent Sephora alot and have picked out some of the best foundations for this problem, such as MUFE Mat Velvet + and the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra, my problem is that I can't seem to ge the correct color match, my face has red & yellow undertones, but my nect & chest area are completely yellow, so when I wear foundation my face is always darker than my chest, also I am never able to conceal those pesky brown spots left over after the acne heals, does anyone have any suggestions?


Re: HELP! I do not understand this undertone

Rather than matching the color to your face, you may want to consider matching your foundation to your neck & chest area. As for the brown spots, try Benefits boing concealer or Make Up Forevers full cover concealer. Also try adding in skincare that has Vit C in it. It'll help lighten & brighten those pesky little scars. Hope that helps!

Re: HELP! I do not understand this undertone

Hi CocoaBrown! I have the undertone problem too, it's a pain!


I agree with buzzbee in that you should consider matching your foundation to your neck, you may be going too dark in trying to match the red undertones in your face and should focus on the yellow.


For foundation, I recommend NARS sheer glow (try Tahoe or Cadiz)> You also might want to consider a tinted moisturizer, which will give you a lighter coverage that you can augment with concealer. Again, NARS makes a good one, as does Laura Mercier. Based on what you've said, I would try Cuba or Malaga, but you may be able to go darker. >>


Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer was a lifesaver for me for a long time, since it does give good coverage but it's light. Try Tawny. >>


Lastly, use a concealer over your foundation to cover up the brown spots. I love Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealer, and NARS concealer (in the stick). Also Amazing Cosmetics has a great range of colors for different skintones and a little goes a LONG way, so it lasts forever.


Hope that helps!


Re: HELP! I do not understand this undertone

Definitely agree...matching to the chest is best because you don't want to be a "floating head". Foundations with a red undertone also don't tend to be as flattering for african-american skintones, so a more yellow undertone will probably be a better choice.


Another thing about foundation is that while you want to get as close as possible to your actual skintone (can be tricky if you have multiple tones), you also want to pick the undertone that does the most to perk up your complexion (while still looking natural with no line of demarcation). I like to go a little darker (to match my body) and tend to gravitate towards yellow-orange undertones. If you put me in my actual shade, I wouldn't be happy or feel like me! Sheer foundations/ tinted moisturizers can be great for this, to add coverage and evenness without creating an unnatural uniform tone (if this is not what your skin is actually like).


You can also customize based on the time of year....if you find that your skin gets a little lighter in winter and you need to add some warmth, a slightly more reddish tone can work well at this time (just to make you look healthier). I also recommend walking outside and looking at yourself in natural light just to make sure you look like you!



Re: HELP! I do not understand this undertone

Thanks guys for the recommendations, I will be visiting Sephora tomorrow to purchase some makeup and will look into all of your recommendations.


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