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Guerlain lingerie de peau color

Hi what color should i get in guerlain lingerie de peau. I have medium olive complexion and wear the shade urban decay naked foundation in shade 5 and nars powder foundation in Punjab. Thanks!


Re: Guerlain lingerie de peau color

I am not a beauty advisor but have so many relatives that use this product. I have used Guerlain & Chanel products extensively throughout my life. Proper color and shade/tone are of imperative importance. The best choice maybe Guerlain's Lingerie de Peau in 04 Beige Moyen (the next shade is darker but seems to have a rose cast to it; it is 05 Beige Fonce). I would consider the 04 Beige Moyen since your current foundation; UB Naked #5, is closest to the Guerlain - 04 in Beige Moyen - wait for a Sephora Beauty advisor to confirm my suggestion.) I reviewed your choice in powder foundation. This shade is an excellent choice for brightening - and that is why I did not recommend the Guerlain LDP in 05 Beige Fonce - it will darken and impart a more rose or "chocolate" cast to your maquillage (makeup). Kindest regards & best of luck.

Re: Guerlain lingerie de peau color

Hi eirini,


I would say give Beige Natural or Beige Moyen a try, as they should be most comparable to your foundation shade.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Guerlain lingerie de peau color

Hi, thanks for the help! I went to a sephora on the weekend ,but they only had select shades available. The shade in 03 beige natural was a bit too light on me, and then the next darkest shade they had, which was I think 13 was too dark. I was debating getting shade 03 beige natrual and using bronzer, but wasn't sure if I should just order shade 04 beige moyen online and hope it works. I just don't have time to go to a different sephora store that will possibly carry the shade. Any advice?


Oh, and if you could also suggest a shade for me to get in MUFE PRo Finish that would be great! Thanks

Re: Guerlain lingerie de peau color

I hope you have the opportunity to try the Guerlain Lingerie de Peau (or at least "swatch" it = test the color & texture on your skin). I have only applied it for other people to show them basic application techniques. I do not use this particular brand foundation for my 50+ yrs. complexion. My skin is aging &  requires a more intensive hydrating foundation formulation. Proper application is flawless with this product. It has a silky luxurious feel/texture and doesn't look heavy. I do hope you find the foundation shade which is most flattering and pleasing for you. I switched my tinted moisturizer, foundation, finishing powder recently, as well. Im glad that I had the opportunity to consult Sephora's Beauty Advisors and clientele - it saved me much time & $ to get their input. Beauty Talk is such a plus for Sephora clients!! The right color/shade match in a foundation is crucial. You were smart to post your question. I knew about product reviews but just recently became aquainted w/Beauty Talk. Best wishes on your purchase of Guerlain LDP.

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