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Great online shopping experience

I recently made my first online purchase at sephora because I have not been receiving any samples at checkout at my local sephora store. I received all of my requested samples plus two more, and I received my package in decent time, given I live on Canada's east coast. I will absolutely do most of my shopping online now, as I have chosen to shop at sephothe mostly due to the samples, believe it or not. I have found great products based on trying them out first. Is there a reason why they're no longer given at checkout?

Re: Great online shopping experience

hey, thats great that you had such a good experience with sephora. I have noticed the same thing, that there not handing out samples as much. A couple weeks ago at checkout i got a sample for the Fresh soy face cleanser but otherwise, nothing. When i want to try something out i usually just as a sales associate if i could have a sample. There is a crumby side to doing that though, and its that they never give me enough product to actually try it out. To answer your question clearly i think that they don;t want to hand out as many free samples because it's too expensive. Hope this helps : )

Re: Great online shopping experience

The samples and freebie codes are the main reason I almost always shop online at Sephora. And their return policy is so great, if I end up with a color I don't like or the product isn't what I initially hoped it would be, it's so easy to return either in the mail or at the store.

Re: Great online shopping experience

Hi Everyone,


Thanks for all of your helpful feedback. I'll make sure its heard and I'll forward it to the appropriate contact within our company!

<3 Melissa

Re: Great online shopping experience

I too love buying online... My last order I noticed a deluxe size of the Clarins Sunscreen that had been on the top of my wish list for the longest time, on top of my 3 samples and promo code item! I was so pleasantly surprised, it made my day!

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