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Good moisturizer to help with rosacia!!!

I have been having horrible redness flair ups after using my clarisonic. The redness is itchy and puffy and I'm looking for a moisturizer to calm it down. HELP!!!


Re: Good moisturizer to help with rosacia!!!

I don't have Rosacia but I do have psorasis. I recently had a few flare ups on my face. I never had it on my face before so I kinda went into freak out mode. Some of the ladies on here recommended I try FAB (First Aid Beauty) Ultra Repair Cream. I used it only on my flare up areas on my face and within a few days it cleared it up. Hope you find something that works well for you Smiley Happy

Re: Good moisturizer to help with rosacia!!!

I have mild to moderate Rosacea, but my Clarisonic is not one of the things that causes flare ups (food sensitivities and alcohol are my main culprits)... my Clarisonic helped clear things up, bummed to hear you are having the opposite issue!


Anyway - I find using a combination of the Dr. Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom anti-inflammatory line helps keep my redness down.  Their serum works as a very light moisturizer for me.  They have an intensive mask that I used as a medium weight moisturizer, their liquid "lotion" is like a non-drying toner, and they also have a night cream (plus a face wash and several other products).


I have found sulphur products - Murad Acne spot gel 3% for example - really helpful in both reducing redness generally, and also clearing up the small pustules/pimples that sometimes happen on my cheeks with a flare up.  I do not find this product drying AT ALL, so it does not aggravate my Ros.


Also - Benefit Redness Remedy is helpful to calm my skin as well (also has sulphur).


Finally: for dry spots I have use Kiehl's Rosa Artica heavy cream.  This doesn't treat my Ros. but it doesn't aggravate it.


Nothing worked 100% for me until I got treatment at a derm -- NO drugs or products, just Intense Pulsed Light/Laser therapy.  Zapped the broken capillaries, got rid of the redness, same immediate AND long term results... and now after 6 mos my flare ups are almost nil/gone.  It only cost me about what two high end products would, I used a groupon and they often  have groupons for this all over the country.

Re: Good moisturizer to help with rosacia!!!

Drugstore brands: Eucerin (on their website they offer free mailed samples), Aveeno, Neosporin now has a cream..all are very gentle. If you look into Neutrogena, IMO the Ultra gentle one is NOT ultra gentle, I used a little bit and had a reaction. Their sensitive skin one doesn't cause me problems.

Re: Good moisturizer to help with rosacia!!!

I have rosacea and I had a terrible reaction to my Clarisonic. I had to battle the consequences for more than a year. I would recommend to stop using the Clarisonic right away, use a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and a calming moisturizer. I use Korres Greek Yoghurt Moisturizer and also Decubal moisturizer. 

I would also recommend that you book an appointment with a dermatologist as soon as possible!

Re: Good moisturizer to help with rosacia!!!

My mom has rosacia and she is using Clinique Redness Solutions (

There's also a set that you can try several products with.

Re: Good moisturizer to help with rosacia!!!

Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins line.  What I found to work the best was the serum and the moisturizer itself.  If I used that and then used Clinique's Redness Relief Powder (it's a yellow one but doesn't look yellow on your skin at ALL), my face stayed cool and calm all day.  The mask also helped as well.

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