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Good Serum for my Skin

I am actually looking for a good serum for my skin.  I am twenty five with combination skin type which lies a little bit on my drier side.  My skin is sensitive and acne prone.  As for the serum, I am looking for something that will be non-irritating as well as help my skin with moisture and sensitivity, if there is such a thing.  One thing to keep in mind, I need to watch out for peptides - my skin hates them with a passion and will become irritated if in the product.


As for my skincare, this is what I do:



Reprechage Hydra4 Cleanser

Reprechage Hydra4 Toner

Reprechage Hydra4 Moisturizer

Origins Anti-Aging Eye Cream




Reprechage Hydra4 Cleanser
Reprechage Hydra4 Toner

Blue Plasma (the only "gentle" Peel I can use that won't irritate my face)

Reprechage Hydra4 Moisturizer
Origins Anti-Aging Eye Cream



I also take Murad's Pure Skin Supplements, which seem to be helping me out.


Re: Good Serum for my Skin

If your skin is sensitive and acne prone, I highly recommend First Aid Beauty's Dual Repair Serum.  Love this serum and it's highly rated as well.  I also have extremely sensitive skin - I will react immediately and break out on many products.  The FAB line is targeted for people with sensitive skin and various skin conditions like rosea, acne, etc.  It is a little expensive, but serums are a little pricey, however, serums last longer than moisturizers bc you don't use as much.  Ask a store member for a sample first!


Re: Good Serum for my Skin

I just wrote a review (although It isn't posted yet) for First Aid Beauty's NEW Radiance Serum.  It is my first serum and I love it. It brightens my complexion, has reduced (almost completely) any dark marks/acne scars I had, and smoothed out my skin in just a week of use.  I also tend to break out along my jaw line/chin and it is actually clearing up too.  I cannot believe how much I like this product.

Re: Good Serum for my Skin

I also have combination, acne prone skin with annoying dryness. I've falled for Caudalie's Vinosource S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum and have been using it daily for over a year. The pump for it gives you the perfect quantity and if you stick to one pump, a container of this can last you months. As far as I can tell, the ingredients don't have peptides but I'm not very smart at science so you might want to take a look... lol


I've noticed my acne is more manageable sicne I started using this, since I think that dryness can also aggravate acne and this really does quench without clogging pores. I had to go without this for a week very recently when I dropped it on the ground and it shattered (beware! that's real glass!) and by the end of the week, I was starting to break out... so I guess it really does help!

I hope you like it!

(heads up if you're travelling: this is one of the only skincare and cosmetics brands that is actually cheaper in France, so if you're there, shop around from pharmacy to pharmacy until you find the lowest price Smiley Wink )



Re: Good Serum for my Skin

@krunce I'm a fan of Caudalie, too Smiley Happy

I saw this serum on the Promo codes board ( It's SOSERUM for 0.33oz. Maybe worth a shot - even less to lose!

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