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Giving Up Wearing Makeup To Work !

Hey girls,


So I apologize for this rant but I can't help myself here lol. I've come to the conclusion that I just can't have flawless makeup for my work shift. I ALWAYS have great makeup when I go out elsewhere though. I've tried some of the more long wearing foundations and BB creams ect. None of it seems to last through the night. I've tried different setting powders, less setting spray and also a lot of setting spray. I've tried no powder or even Evian water nothing makes it look good. I've tried different moisturizers as well and that didn't work. I just feel like I am stumped with what to do. I'm usually pretty good with dealing with meltdowns and makeup disasters but this is baffling . Even the girl I seen at Sephora was even baffled by this. Anyways I just had to vent because it's truly frustrating to look gorgeous and then look like a complete mess by the end of the night. 


Re: Giving Up Wearing Makeup To Work !

I don't think this is a bad will give your skin a chance to breathe, and if you are comfortable with it, do it! Better than dealing with the hassle of it sliding/ melting off!

Re: Giving Up Wearing Makeup To Work !

Funny thing is I have tried to do this for a long time. Then I kinda feel bland without my makeup lol. So I am trying to make it work completely. I'm alright with it, and maybe ill still wear mascara and such just to give myself some feeling of glamour. 

Re: Giving Up Wearing Makeup To Work !

Mascara and liner do make a big difference...if you spot-covered with a concealer do you think that would melt off also? I wouldn't do blush as blush really needs something to stick to to not look streaky.

Re: Giving Up Wearing Makeup To Work !

Mascara and liner can do a great deal off difference. I use the MUFE Full Cover concealer it may work well. I might try it today and see what I think of it. Blush only looks good on me when I got foundation on cause I do tend to be quite rosy in the cheeks.

Re: Giving Up Wearing Makeup To Work !

Honestly, I was going to suggest this the last time you posted but didn't want to sound like a downer.  I went through a similar thing myself and finally gave up on worrying about it.  I've always been very self-conscious about my skin, and felt like i had to look PERFECT all the time. but I decided to give up wearing makeup to work, and found it very liberating.  My skin, overall has been better for it and i've grown more and more used to the way I look without foundation. I'm much more at peace with myself now.


Stay beautiful, beautiful.  Good luck!  Smiley Happy

Re: Giving Up Wearing Makeup To Work !

Hey Nebel don't feel bad about posting. I like honesty no matter what. I think I am way too self concious lol. I admit when people are like WOW CARMEN YOU LOOK LIKE YOU HAD YOU MAKEUP DONE BY A PRO  it makes me feel good. I like to think I am my own makeup artist and so I love to showcase my artistic way to look good. However I do agree it may be best to give up foundation at least for work. I can still do other parts of makeup and look as good I suppose. I just need to adapt. Tell me do you wear foundation outside of your job ?. Or do you cut it out completely. 


You stay beautiful too girl and thanks for posting what you wanted to say before !. I just hope I am not too annoying with always complaining bout my work makeup issues lol. 

Re: Giving Up Wearing Makeup To Work !

<3 <3 It just didn't seem helpful with how you worded the question before. Smiley Happy but i'm happy to help. 


Yes,  I do wear foundation and full face makeup when I'm not at work.  I love makeup, and I love the artistry in it, like you. But it really became too much effort to worry about it when all I do is sit and stare at four computer monitors for ten hours a day. I interact with my co-workers, of course, but they're not the type to notice things like makeup.  I'm the only female scientist in my lab.


I HAVE found however, that since I've stopped wearing makeup to work, i've worn far less foundation/been less obsessed with full coverage when i am outside of work.  Obviously if I am going to a formal event or something I do full face, but I've literally become more comfortable in my own skin. 

Sometimes, I wear a little makeup to work.  I will cover blemishes and dark circles with concealer, add powder and mascara, but that's it.  Maybe blush, sometimes. 

Anyway, this is what works for me.  I hope you find something that works well for you Smiley Happy

Re: Giving Up Wearing Makeup To Work !

Maybe don't aim for flawless, just aim for perked up a bit.  There's nothing wrong with minimal makeup.  Most days I throw on a little BB cream, a little mascara and lately my "No Makeup" palette from Too Faced.  It's enough of a little pickup to look nice but not enough to move around or look weird if it's a tough day.  Hell you don't even have to be awake to slap it on, there's little cards in there to follow.

Re: Giving Up Wearing Makeup To Work !

Not a bad idea, I might look more into this thanks !. 

Re: Giving Up Wearing Makeup To Work !

Don't give up wearing makeup to work if you love wearing makeup!


I wear basics to work- foundation, setting powder, brows, mascara, bronzer, blush, and a tinted chapstick like Fresh (Lol... that doesn't sound very basic huh??) If I have time, I might to a cream eyeshadow or eyeliner. I sit in a cubicle all day... so I don't really care because my computer screen sees my face 90% of the time! Smiley Very Happy


I save the whole looking great with makeup for other times- like going out with friends and dates. That is time I want to look flawless- someone will see my face!


I used to wear a lot of makeup at work when I was a server because I wanted to look cute to get a lot of tips, but between the running around, the heat from the kitchen and just plain sweating, it always melts off no matter what I tried. 


However, I found that skipping moisturizer and using Clarins Beauty Flash Balm as both a moisturizer and primer, then put a setting spray on, the foundation, take blotting paper to blot your face from the oils of the foundation, setting powder, the rest of your makeup (not the mascara), then the setting spray again, then curl your lashes and then mascara works the best for me when I was a server/bartender. 

Re: Giving Up Wearing Makeup To Work !

Do the minimum. Just eyeliner, mascara and a great lipstick. Makes a huge difference.

Re: Giving Up Wearing Makeup To Work !

I agree. Mascara and a lip color truly makes a huge difference!

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