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Give me more lip set??

Help please! I am looking for another one of the give me more lip sets.  I purchased one (the smaller one for $25 i believe) in October and I loveeee it and I would like to get another for my friend for Christmas.  I feel stupid for not buying it sooner.  Does anyone know if they'll be getting more in stock??

Re: Give me more lip set??

They won't online but you might get lucky if you call the stores in your local area.

Re: Give me more lip set??

Have you tried calling customer service or a store near you and asking them to do a search for you?  Both have done this for me in the past.


Possibly there is a BT member that has an extra and would be willing to swap or make other arrangements. Work thru the details via PM instead of on the board.


I am willing to call the Sephora closest to me and see if they have any.


Good luck and I hope something clicks for you. Smiley Happy

Re: Give me more lip set??

Customer service does a search for you? I had sent a fb message asking "do you know if stores near zip code 00000 have this in stock?" Only to receive the reply of "We suggest calling your store to see if they have any left." ಠ_ಠ

Re: Give me more lip set??

You are so darn sweet!! It' was great that you and some other gals offered good suggestions for **laurennlove** but then, on top of that you offer to see if the store near you has the lip kit that she desires.... You truly have the holiday spirit and I bet it lasts all year long. You rock. Smiley Happy

Re: Give me more lip set??

You could check the sephora inside of jcp too.

Re: Give me more lip set??

lilyyy - both online reps and the store reps near me have searched for me - other reps have told me to call around myself - the level of assistance seems to vary by rep - if my store is busy they will take the info and call me back


excellent suggestion misscg and they might do a search also

Re: Give me more lip set??

I don't know where you are at but the Sephora inside the JCP in Waldorf Maryland had the smaller 25.00 one last time I was there.

Re: Give me more lip set??

If you're looking for the $25 set, it's called "Give Me Some Lip", just FYI if you call. The larger one is "Give Me More Lip".


I know I saw a number at my store last time I looked, so I'd definitely use the store locator and make a few calls.


The set at SiJCP is different but it looks nice and I've seen those in stock, too.


Re: Give me more lip set??

I keep looking for more Give Me Some Lip kits too, they're so much fun. I also keep my eyes peeled for another Lash Stash, those are really 2 of my biggest weaknesses. I hope you're able to find some 'Lip' to give to your friend, I bet she'll love it.

In the sale section there is a set of Sephora glosses (I think it's like 10 glosses) and a Soap & Glory gloss set, don't know if they do the trick for you. From looking at Soap & Glory glosses in the past, they seem to have unusual flavors, that's something that's not for everyone. Give Me Some Lip seems a little more special so I hope you can get that one for her. Smiley Happy


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