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Getting rid of dark acne scars

Is there any product that can help clear acne scars on my back? They make me incredibly self-conscious and I honestly didn't go to the beach this summer because of them. The scars are spread all over my back and are a darkish brown color and I would love to hear advice or recommendations from anyone that has also experienced this.

Thank you!

Re: Getting rid of dark acne scars

There are a lot of products that say they can help... they lie. The best thing for acne scars is to exfoliate the skin. Get of all the dead skin and then the new, fresher skin will come on through. This process will take a while, it wont be everyday. You will be able to see a difference in around 3 weeks. You can by a loofa and an exfoliator scrub but I just use a mixture of organic, unprocessed honey and sugar that I just keep in my shower. This is also a great exfoliator for your lips and face too Smiley Happy Good luck

Re: Getting rid of dark acne scars

I think exfoliation, as already been mentioned, is a very good place to start. I am all about trying the more natural (and cheaper) solution first. I will add that this may be worth a trip to the dermatologist's or plastic surgeon's office if this is something you want taken care of fast(er). Of course, do research to find someone reputable and ask plenty of questions while in their office for a consultation before even starting with any treatments. There may be more options (and some of the ones I will list might not be an option for your specific skin) but there are peels, microderm, and lasers that can help with scarring. Good luck!

Re: Getting rid of dark acne scars

Hi - You might want to try Clinique's Even Better Dark Spot Corrector, it's supposed to be  (it's Even Better than their original Dark Spot Corrector, hence, the name Smiley Tongue ) Products containing Vitamin C are great for dark spots, from acne or sun exposure.

You can also try a less expensive, more natural remedy by just putting the juice from a lemon on those spots. I think I saw that on Queen Latifah's new show. The only thing is that I'm wondering is how long you can use the same lemon, I don't know how quickly the Vit C becomes 'inactive', that might be an issue you want to investigate. Now, if you ate an orange every day then you could use the juice from that and there'd be no waste at all and you'd be getting internal and external benefits. Problem, they didn't say you could use an Orange, so I'm not sure if it works the same. However, if you like homemade lemonade, you're in business! Smiley Happy

The other real biggie is you really need to wear the best sunscreen possible. Regardless of how you get those dark spots the sun will darken them even more.

Hope this helps you out. I'm sure you'll get a lot of great ideas. Best of luck, hope you'll let us know how you make out with this. Smiley Happy

Re: Getting rid of dark acne scars

Shoot, I meant to mention exfoliation. I Love Philosophy's The Oxygen Peel, it is incredible. I've used it for years and though I try other things I always go back to it. The word "Peel" can be a little scary, however, it's quite gentle and you regulate the strength of it by how long you leave it on. That way you can start off really slow and easy and step it up if needed. You might want to check out their website and QVC's website for additional info, they give lots of tips. I call it the "Mrs Doubtfire mask, it looks like the Meringue Pie mask that 'Mrs. Doubtfire' uses. Love that movie, so funny. You also regulate it's strength by how you remove it. They give you a little spatula and you remove it by using the side of the spatula.. One side is a bit sharper than the other so using that side gives more of a 're-surfacing'. I use maximum time and the sharp side of the spatula, It's also good for acned skin, I went through a bout with acne and it worked so well. Now I don't know how easy it would be to use on your back, you'd need help, maybe a friend could do it, you could have weekly Spa Nights. You'd love it on your face though, They also recommend what they call "Boot-camp" If I remember correctly you start off using it every day for about 5-7 days and then go to weekly or bi-weekly. Hope you try and love it. Smiley Happy

Re: Getting rid of dark acne scars

I just tried Philosophy's The Oxygen Peel for the first time last night, and my face is already looking marginally better in terms of acne. That is only from one use! I am going to to the "Boot camp" and I am hoping for even better results. I second this peel as a good option to try as well (with help if you will be using it on your back). It is  very gentle. I get 20% sal-acid peels (now that is a peel and redness and flaking come along with it but it does work nicely), but this seems to be an effective product without the down time. 

Re: Getting rid of dark acne scars

This was originally offered only in Dermatologist's offices. It was called the "Lunchtime Peel" because there's absolutely zero down time. It's so funny that you just tried it. I think you'll really see the benefits after you do "boot camp" I follow this up with Philosophy's Hope in a Bottle which is for acned skin, I love that as well. Wowser, that 20% peel sounds rough, but if you can get past the peeling & redness that's great. This really is gentle, which does not normally go in the same sentence with 'works wonders'. Were you able to feel which side of the spatula is the sharper side? Well, actually I should say that it's the direction you go in that makes a difference. When using the same exact side when you go in opposite directions is when you feel the sharper edge that gives more exfoliation. So dragging it, say, left to right vs. right to left, that's where the 'edge' differs. Did that make sense? Hope so. Glad you liked it. Hope it really helps you. Smiley Happy

Re: Getting rid of dark acne scars

Dr. Brandt dark spots no more serum. That works nicely for me and I been using samples

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