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So.. I am learning how to contour, however, using a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation is not working for me. I need a foundation for coverage with a nude look. I have combination skin and my color is 2y11. Also, recently when I went for a makeover for contouring the makeup artist used a eyeshadow (Sephora;s Coffee), however I think I did something wrong. She stated because I am med/dark a bronzer would not look right on me. Your thoughts please? Also please recommend a foundation.

Re: Foundation

I would reccomend Dior gives you full coverage but its a natural looking airbrushed look since its a spray on foundation...MUF is another good one to try Smiley Happy I would suggest you consider an actual contouring palette ..MUF and Cargo both have goon ones!

Re: Foundation

Are you referring to using a tinted moisturizer as your complexion product and it not working or a tinted moisturizer as a contouring product and it not working? Are you wanting a foundation as your complexion product over all or as a contouring product?


There was a couple things in your previous thread in regards to contouring:


Did you want a liquid, cream, or powder product to contour with?


I gave a suggestion with Lancome's Dual Finish Powder on how to use it as a foundation (pulled from your Color IQ #) and how to pick complimentary contouring shades in the same line with similar undertones as to avoid clashing on skin.


Bronzer can look "not right" if it's indeed the wrong shade, so you can most definitely wear bronzer, just be sure it's suited for your complexion so that it flatters you.


In regards to foundation suggestions, take a look at the ones from the Color IQ generator:


That's where I pulled my reference numbers and colors for the Lancome powder.


Take a look at this thread here where I gave a break down on contouring, highlighting, and even blush techniques, tips and tools to use, as well as a break down on why specific areas are targeted:

Re: Foundation

Thank you Iylysa. I am looking for a foundation for coverage all together. I would probably want a powder for contouring since i will use liquid foundation. Thanks for your input

Re: Foundation

No problem!


The Smashbox Liquid Halo foundation has a lovely, lightweight gel formula with optical diffusers to help skin look flawless and wears well in an oil free formula. Urban Decay's Naked Skin foundation is similar in giving skin that natural, yet controlled glow with buildable coverage, while the D&G and Dior Skin foundations also work with giving a luminous, healthy finish to skin. Foundations in the Color IQ link below that lean more to a matte finish include Nars, Stila, Lancome, and Givenchy.

Re: Foundation

Dior's Amber Diamond Powder might work for you,it's what I contour with. And it also gives you that little touch of radiance where you need it. It's out of stock online but you can get it at any Sephora store as well. And for a foundation look at Powder Foundations they can give full coverage as well as liquids and you can still use the Dior Shimmer Powder to contour.(And don't let the word shimmer scare you it gorgeous on.!Smiley Happy


Hope this helps!

Re: Foundation

thank you Jgsfla. I will try these products as well.

Re: Foundation

Can you also recommend a bronzer? Although my color is 2y11, wouldn't i go a shade lighter for foundation if I am using a bronzer?

Re: Foundation

Bronzer will be darker than your skin, and since it's used sparingly in certain locations on the face, there is no need to lighten your entire complexion with a lighter foundation only to go back selectively with a true to you or darker color as your bronzer.


The key is to pick a foundation that flatters your complexion, then choose a bronzer is darker, or richer in color than your skin tone. Bronzer is meant to mimic the look given to our skin when we catch that "perfect amount of sun", so it's to give us that "color from within" look. Contouring products tend to stay just 2 or 3 shades deeper than your complexion as it's applied a touch heavier than bronzer to really enhance and play up where shadow naturally fallsto carve out dimension.

Re: Foundation

Nevermind. I don't think I want to do a bronzer if I have a powder foundation

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