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So.. I am learning how to contour, however, using a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation is not working for me. I need a foundation for coverage with a nude look. I have combination skin and my color is 2y11. Also, recently when I went for a makeover for contouring the makeup artist used a eyeshadow (Sephora;s Coffee), however I think I did something wrong. She stated because I am med/dark a bronzer would not look right on me. Your thoughts please? Also please recommend a foundation.

Re: Foundation

Bronzers can still be used even if you use a powder foundation, but it's all about preference. Bronzer is not required; however, if you choose to use one, pick a suitable formula and finish that will compliment your look and skin.


The last thread at the first post I responded with gives an explanation of how bronzers and contouring can be linked to one another in regards to application, but how they can vary due to finishes of the products used. That sound help clarify a bit out in regards to debating between bronzing and contouring.


You can use a matte foundation powder (pressed or loose) to contour as well as bronze, but bronzing does allow more leeway in regards to using products with a slight satin or shimmer finish as opposed to contouring as that is generally done with flat, matte shades as to mimic where shadow naturally falls on the planes of your face. Avoid using products that are too shimmer or packed with chunky glitter to bronze, you don't want skin to be too reflective looking, this would draw too much light and illuminate all over, thus defeating the purpose of bronzing/contouring and is more suited if you wish to highlight (which is also covered in the last thread).

Re: Foundation

ok Thanks. I have Nars Albatross and I use that as a highlight. I think I will just find something to complete the contour and disregard the bronzer. I think I am going to try the Smashbox Liquid Hao Foundation. I saw that as one of the recommendations for coverage. While im at Sephora I will try the other recommended foundations. 

Re: Foundation

That works, again, bronzing is not required. Most of the time bronzing techniques follow suit with where you would apply contouring products so you're helping to bronze and contour together, but again, it's a matter of finishes and formulations. If you're solely aiming to contour, your goal isn't to "warm" up the skin or make it look like it has that "healthy color from within" look you get from the sun, contouring means you're carving out dimension and enhancing angles and planes, so this is done with matte finishes as to avoid catching light. If you're aiming to bronze, you can use products with matte, satin, or slight shimmer finishes to give that "warm glow" to skin, it just so happens where you apply it would be areas where you would generally contour as well, so you do get some contouring benefits, but bronzer isn't applied as heavily as contouring products so you avoid your face looking too shiny if you use a satin/shimmer finish.

Re: Foundation

Thank you. You have been very helpful. I just like to look natural/nude with a contour look. You're right, I don't want heavy products, etc that will have my face looking too shiny.

Re: Foundation

You're very welcome! That's what Beauty Talk is here for along with myself and all its users! Smiley Happy

Re: Foundation

Hi KeriJoi!


A good general rule of thumb for bronzer is to go a good two to three shades darker than your complexion. I'd recommend using a foundation stick or even a concealer to contour. The Bobbi Brown Foundations are an excellent way to sculpt the face. Warm Walnut 7.5 or Warm Walnut 8 should work best based on your skin IQ number (they're much darker than they look). I'd highly recommend checking these out in a store if you can just so that you can choose a contour color that you're most comfortable with. I'm around the same color family as you and I personally prefer a more rich red contour color, but some people prefer something a bit more neutral or yellow.



In terms of foundation we have SO many. What exactly are you looking for in a foundation? Something more matte or something dewy? Generally those with oily skin prefer a matte finish and most drier skin types like dewy finishes; but it's totally up to you. Do you want something that is light coverage, medium coverage, or full coverage?



Whimsically yours,

Re: Foundation

I would like to have a matte look. I am oily now Smiley Sad. Please see below article. There is a picture of a woman and how her face looks with contouring/highlight. Only problem is i have a couple of acne problems/small spots on my face. Thanks Janine!


Re: Foundation

Yep either of those foundation sticks will be able to help you in contouring. You can just apply them directly in a 3C motion on either side of your face. Go along your jawbone, the hollows of your cheeks, and along your forehead close to the hairline to achieve a contour.


You can add highlighter to the the high points of your face (where the sun would naturally hit). Since you're oily, I'd say stick with a powder like NARS Albatross (one of my all time favorite highlighters) which will give you a stunning fair golden glow.


If you have some redness in your skin you may need to try using a green primer to help neutralize that. I'd recommend Smashbox's Color Adjust primer along with either Kat Von D's Lock It Foundation or Laura Mercier's Oil Free Supreme Foundation. Both are absolutely stunning and will give you the coverage that you want without feeling too heavy.


Whimsically yours,

Re: Foundation

medium to full coverage

Re: Foundation

Thank you Janine. I just got back from Sephora and I forgot all about getting Bobbi Brown for A sales associate helped me (who usually helps me with skin care and I decided to purchase the Becca Radiant Foundation (Tobacco). She also told me I had the wrong kind of powder foundation. I also purchased the Cov FX Cream Foundation for every day use. I tried the other foundations and it wasn't working well for me.

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