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Foundation match

I have been color matched at least three times, results including 1r02 and 1y05.  I tried a sample of a 1y05 foundation and it was too yellow/dark for my skin.  I have a 1r02 foundation and it seems to match, but it washes me out.  I was wondering if I needed to go a little darker, say a 1r03, so it doesn't wash me out or if the undertone is what needs correction.  Thanks for your help in advance! Smiley Happy

Re: Foundation match

Both the 1r and the 1y indicate that you're fairly neutral.  I think you need to go a little darker like you mentioned (try something in the 1r03 or 1y03 range).  It's hard to say because the color match is really just a good place to start, and isn't a perfect system. 

Re: Foundation match

Some people--such as myself--don't do very well with the Color IQ scanner.  For me, it's because of my rosacea and freckles:  it always skews darker than I actually am.  What I would recommend is to go and swatch in person; when you find a winner, look up its Color IQ number.  Then you'll have a pretty accurate color IQ that you can use to check out other foundations.


But since you've found one that's semi-decent, I'll agree with the previous poster:  go try the 1R03 or 1Y03.  OR you can go and try a different 1R02 or even 1Y02 foundation: the foundation's formula itself can contribute to a different look between brands, even with the same IQ code.

Re: Foundation match

Agreed; good advice.  I have freckles and get a skewed result also. 

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