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Foundation help!

I cannot seem to find a happy medium with make up these days! Ive tried a few different techniques and brands..


Most Recently I bought the new Bare Minerals Bare skin serum.. I thought it was great when the mua put it on me.. but the last few days ive tried it, it does not seem to last all day. The first day I used a primer and it sat on top of it and didnt set. Then  I was told to just use moisturizer since the serum has silica in it. I only used the recommended 1-2 drops, let it set then if i needed more coverage  (which i did) i added another 1-2 drops. half way thourgh the day I am so shiny.. i have a Benefit Flawless compact so I lightly dusted my face and that helped. I just dont want to have to do this 3-4 times a day then look all cakey by 6pm..


What I am looking for is something I can rely on the get me results. I have combination skin.. sometimes dry and sometimes oily. I also have alot of redness in my cheeks with yellow undertones. In the past Ive always used makeup to that had yellow in it to help balance my complexion and I do like that. Recently a mua reccomended that I try to stay away from the yellowy tones of foundation and powders, so I tried a lancome foundation that I do like.. but i felt that it made me a little to rosy and didnt fully cover my redness unless I really basted it on.


 I want is something that will color correct my redness while at the same time keeping it moisturized. Would a BB cream do this? Ive never tried them before. I should add that I do take care of my skin. I use cetaphil to wash it both in am and pm and I love FAB ultra repair cream and use that in the am and pm as well. So any help would be appreciated!

Re: Foundation help!

Okay, just wanted to check, try playing around with the tools (from your sponge to your brush) once you get the Smashbox foundation. I use a buffing brush with mine so the application is more diffused than a traditional flat foundation brush.


Re: Foundation help!

There was a post yesterday I think about the Diorsnow BB and its amazing coverage.  It Cosmetics makes bye bye redness that you can use under makeup.  I couldn't use it because it didn't blend well into my fair skin and left an obvious spot but if you are even slightly darker than I it could work for you.  I did live up to its name, my issue was another subject.

Re: Foundation help!

Hi foodiegurl,

I recommend trying the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup or MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation.  Both have buildable coverage with a natural finish and long lasting power.  They also have many shades/ undertones to choose from.  I suggest trying them in the store first to make sure you get the best match.

Smiley Happy -Laura


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