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Foundation help!

I cannot seem to find a happy medium with make up these days! Ive tried a few different techniques and brands..


Most Recently I bought the new Bare Minerals Bare skin serum.. I thought it was great when the mua put it on me.. but the last few days ive tried it, it does not seem to last all day. The first day I used a primer and it sat on top of it and didnt set. Then  I was told to just use moisturizer since the serum has silica in it. I only used the recommended 1-2 drops, let it set then if i needed more coverage  (which i did) i added another 1-2 drops. half way thourgh the day I am so shiny.. i have a Benefit Flawless compact so I lightly dusted my face and that helped. I just dont want to have to do this 3-4 times a day then look all cakey by 6pm..


What I am looking for is something I can rely on the get me results. I have combination skin.. sometimes dry and sometimes oily. I also have alot of redness in my cheeks with yellow undertones. In the past Ive always used makeup to that had yellow in it to help balance my complexion and I do like that. Recently a mua reccomended that I try to stay away from the yellowy tones of foundation and powders, so I tried a lancome foundation that I do like.. but i felt that it made me a little to rosy and didnt fully cover my redness unless I really basted it on.


 I want is something that will color correct my redness while at the same time keeping it moisturized. Would a BB cream do this? Ive never tried them before. I should add that I do take care of my skin. I use cetaphil to wash it both in am and pm and I love FAB ultra repair cream and use that in the am and pm as well. So any help would be appreciated!

Re: Foundation help!

What primer did you try with the BM? Sometimes primers and foundations don't mix, which can lead to it looking worse.


Which Lancome did you try?


I use Lancome Teint Miracle which is made to help redness and if needed, pur minerals green primer (not at Sephora, and liquid to a powder like finish) underneath to hide redness better - green cancels red. I use a neutral shade of TM and you can't see the redness especially on big flare days. TM is also is water-based, so it wont dry out the skin rather hydrate.


A BB wont cover the redness, a CC will do much better - personally I use Lorac CC and physicians formula CC+. A primer can still be used under a BB or CC.

Re: Foundation help!

I used a sample of the Smashbox Primer, Just the regular one and the mua said it would work with the BareMinerals serum, I remembered to ask her about that. So I went in and a different MUA recommend not using a primer and sold me on the bare minerals cream that goes under your moisturizer that is suppose to help skin tone and set makeup.. but I dont think it worked.


I to used the Lancome Teint Miracle.. maybe the mua just gave me the wrong color because its just a dash to rosy for me I feel. But again only used the Smashbox primer (I had a sample) underneath it.


What about BB/CC creams? Do these help with redness?

Re: Foundation help!

Here's a link to a thread that covers the factors between BB and CC creams further that you may find helpful.


Though BB and CC creams have aspects of being able to help conceal as they serve as multi-tasking products, the actual concealing ability still won't be as efficient as say using an actual conceal or a higher pigmented product. Depending on the level of redness you're looking to cancel out, they might not cut it for the job at hand.


BB creams tend to focus more on oil control or even blemish control while CC creams do focus on color correction, but this is more so on discoloration from sun damage, age spots, and post acne marks and not so much redness. This is covered in detail in the thread above.


I have found that Smashbox's BB cream does offer a bit more coverage than other BBs on the market; however, its coverage still falls short compared to an actual foundation. Clinique's Moisture Surge CC Color Corrector does state that it can help even out redness so if you're looking for something to wear on "lighter" make up days where you don't want to turn to foundation, these might be options to check out in stores and snag some samples of as well.

Re: Foundation help!

Since im pretty set in my ways of using foundation perhaps I should just stick to that, and not venture into another realm of BB/CC cream. ;-) Doesnt sound like they will give me what im trying to achieve!


Re: Foundation help!

In short, the can help cover redness, not really correct.


A BB is lighter coverage than a CC, but both are lighter than a foundation.

CC = color correct

BB=beauty balm and is a step up from a tinted moisturizer


Out of the BB and CC's I've used, the CC covers the redness better and fuller.


To correct redness in the long-term, there are products meant for that. Origins has a line of skincare, but is currently under repackaging. Clinique has a skincare redness relief line. Eucerin in the drugstore too. As for makeup, I've been looking at IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness, it's a cream corrector, one color fits most, that can be used alone or under makeup as a base, it's supposed to correct redness. On the product page on QVC there is a video.

Re: Foundation help!

The Bare Minerals Bareskin Serum Foundation will be very lightweight, so if you state you have a lot of redness to cover it might not be the best option. Which primer did you use along with this foundation and how much did you use?


For starters, to help neutralize and tone down redness, try a green-tinted primer like one from Smashbox or MUFE.

Smashbox - Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation PrimerMAKE UP FOR EVER - HD Microperfecting Primer


The sheer green tint in these primers will help ease the heavy redness in skin so you're not solely dependent upon your foundation to even out your complexion. Start with using just a pea sized amount of primer over skin that has been moisturized but has had time for your moisturizer to sink in. Lightly smooth primer onto skin with gentle pressure rather than rubbing in as you do not want the silica to bead up on itself and "roll" off skin.


Though yellow can also work to counteract redness as yellow does comprise green, in terms of the color wheel, green is the direct opposite of red, making it more efficient to cancel out redness.


I would suggest a foundation that starts off with offering medium coverage and allows you to build to fuller coverage if need be, that way you're not trying to over apply a lightweight foundation which may result in product feeling too bulky on skin. Smashbox's Studio Skin Foundation provides a natural-matte finish, allowing shine to be toned down, but the formula also helps to hydrate to ensure you're not purposely drying out skin and will help address dry spots for your combination skin. The formula is quite long wearing and oil free as to prevent clogging pores and I have personally worn it in 100+ degree weather and had it still hold up.


Smashbox - Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Foundation


In terms of BB creams, their coverage will actually be lighter than a foundation, so again, if it's heavy redness you wish to cancel out, a BB may not get the job done fully.

Re: Foundation help!

Great thank you! I think I will have to return this BareMinerals Serum, its just not working for me.

Re: Foundation help!

No problem!


How were you applying the foundation? Do you use a sponge, your hands/fingers, or a brush?

Re: Foundation help!

I have a sponge that I really like.. its one of those oblong looking things lol Before that I used a brush

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