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Foundation for oily, acne prone skin

I need some serious help finding a foundation that works for my skin. I have extremely oily skin, with large pores and uneven patches due to acne scarring. I want something that will stay matte without feeling heavy and one that will NOT clog my pores. 

I have tried the Bobbi Brown long wear foundation but it was just too heavy. 

I am currently using the Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + and although it feels light and nice on my skin, I believe it is clogging my pores and causing me to breakout. 


Summer is coming up so I need something that is light but will keep my face from becoming an oil slick. Thank you!

Re: Foundation for oily, acne prone skin

Foundation is only gonna do so much skin care is gong to be the biggest factor in helping the oil.  What are you using for skin care?

Re: Foundation for oily, acne prone skin

I use the Cetaphil daily facial cleanser and I'll use a homemade exfoliator occasionally. I was using the Korres moisturizer as well as the mattifying primer, both of which don't feel like they help much. Is there something I can use that will prevent my pores from getting clogged during a long day?

Re: Foundation for oily, acne prone skin

Honestly you need to use something to treat your pores and to keep them cleaned out you can do that with something like the Glamglow treatments and also use something else besides the MUFE Mat+Velvet  to me that stuff is one of the worst makeups there is a far as being heavy and pore clogging. Look to something like the Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder foundation or choose a powder foundation like the MUFE pro finish powder foundation. Also try something like the Murad oil free mattifier in place of the Korres moisturizer and finish with a setting spray or a light finishing powder. Hope this helps!

Re: Foundation for oily, acne prone skin

Salicylic acid keeps pores cleaned out.  You might want to ease into using it because it can dry things pretty quickly.  For foundation, I found the same issue with a lot of liquid formulas.  They sit on top of the pores and then slid all around.  I've gone back to Lancome's Dual Finish foundation.  Love how lightweight, yet buildable, it is!

Re: Foundation for oily, acne prone skin

Hi Glassterrace You've already been given some great recommendations!  What type of coverage do you prefer? I would recommend trying Dr Brandt microdermabrasion skin exfoliant to help with the acne scarring and the uneven texture.

Re: Foundation for oily, acne prone skin

Will this help at all with active breakouts? It's hard to find something that will help scarring and clogged pores at the same time. 

I like a medium to full coverage but I don't like it too heavy now that it's getting warmer out.

Re: Foundation for oily, acne prone skin

You don't want to use the scrub on an active break out.  You can use it just in the areas you have the scarring and uneven texture. Exfoliation can help keep the pores clear but to get rid of clogged pores your best bet will be to have an esthetician do extractions.

Have you tried Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation Mattifying Oil Free? It works really well to keep the skin matte, gives a medium coverage and doesn't feel too heavy on the skin.

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