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Foundation for multiple concerns

I have truly oily skin (like an oil slick within 2 hours after washing my face) & can't use intense cleansers because I also have hormonal skin from breastfeeding.  I've found a skincare routine that's acceptable for the time-being, but cannot settle on a foundation I like.  My MAC foundations have been oxidizing to horrid shades & I cannot for the life of me find a MUFE HD shade that comes close to matching.  I've become so overwhelmed by being unable to be matched in stores that I don't know if I'm even trying good foundations for my skin.  But here's the final catch: I'm allergic to aloe.  So anything by Clinique is completely out of the question & so are several other brands.  I'm hoping someone can help!

Re: Foundation for multiple concerns

It seems like you need a primer to help control/absorb your oil. It's also the oil that's causing your foundations to oxidize and change colors. What's your current MAC Shade?


And here are a few primers to check out that don't contain aloe Smiley Happy

  • Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfect (what a mouthful Smiley Very Happy)
  • Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
  • CoverFX Mattifying Primer with Anti Acne Treatment

Re: Foundation for multiple concerns

That actually gives me hope! I do use a primer, but haven't settled on one that works for me either. I always try my foundation with & without the primers that I have before deciding whether or not I like it & I just haven't found a good combo. But I haven't tried any of the 3 you suggested (yay! thank you!!!), which makes me feel like I could eventutally get this worked out. 


As for my MAC shade, I don't exactly know what to say because I don't think it's a good match. I have NW35, which is a good shade depth, but the tone is way off. My NC42 concealer is a better tone, but a bit light. Most of the warm-cool "tests" tell me I'm warm, but I have a feeling I'm more warm-neutral. The problem I usually have in stores is that I have reactive (not sensitive) skin with hormonal redness, so they "match" me to the pink (red) overtones instead of the more yellow-olive undertones of the rest of me. I've always been told I have olive skin, but I'm not super olive either, if that makes sense. 

Re: Foundation for multiple concerns

I think you might be NC35 or NC40. You're in luck because I am NC40! NW's are VERY peach/pink in MAC colors. 


And is there any other foundation you use that matches you perfectly?

Re: Foundation for multiple concerns

See, now you're my favorite! Haha

Not recently. That's been the biggest problem! When I was younger, I mostly just threw on a bit of powder & was good to go. I had a custom blended foundation for a while (Prescriptives back in the day). Then I worked at Origins for about 4 years & just custom blended my own again since I had access to soooo much product. I used Lancôme for a while, but don't recall what shade, I think I mixed those too... Then my skin took a turn to oily & my dermatologist recommended mineral foundation. Bare Essentials is not my thing so I went with Smashbox Halo powder in Medium, but that was a couple of years ago now & I'm not sure if it matches or not. I tan very easily so in the summer my skintone is "flexible" based on how much time I get outdoors. MUFE HD 155 (I think) was too light, but the next couple of shades are described as pink, which I know will be bad.

Re: Foundation for multiple concerns

Aww thanks hahah. If you're more yellow, try MUFE HD in 123, 127, 153, and 170. Swatch them all along the side of your jaw/neck and the one that blends in with your skin is the right color. In the winter, I'm 123 and in the summer, I can wear either 127 or 153 because I'm more tan. Smiley Happy

Re: Foundation for multiple concerns

Thanks again! Would you recommend any other foundations? Is the MUFE Mat Velvet a good option or is there something else that you think I should check out? I like to have a couple foundations going at once in case I have a weird skin day. Or maybe I should just worry about finding one right now. Ha. 

Re: Foundation for multiple concerns

The MUFE Mat Velvet is great for oily skin, but the shade range isn't great. I don't have a shade in that foundation. Something comparable to that would be the Estee Lauder Double Wear, which is my absolute favorite. I think you'd find your shade in the EL Double Wear


Re: Foundation for multiple concerns

My skin is similar to yours. I better age well for having to deal with this Smiley Wink!


I really enjoy the Murad SPF 15 Mattifier. It is quite thick though, so I like to blend it in immediately after moisturizer (when my face still feels moist from it) to help it spread. This is the only thing thats made a noticeable difference for me. Normally a texture like this would turn me off instantly, but it works so I can't hate it. I've used the bareminerals oil control primer - meh. The Hourglass primer is terrible IMHO. I hear so many oily skinned people saying they like it but it feels too creamy going on for me and does nothing for oil control. I think maybe people who get a hint of a shine in their T-Zone like it, but I get oily almost all over my face within about an hour so... it was an absolute fail for me.


Sometimes the only thing that truly works for me is a powder foundation (bareMinerals ready/pressed foundation is my favorite - not as luminous as their original formula and not as flat as their matte, but still on the matte side). I actually don't have a traditional foundation that I love that doesn't break down/separate on me. The Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24 hour is close but it really doesn't hold up without separating on my forehead by the end of the day. The product I love the most is the Tarte 12 Hour BB Primer for my daily needs for evening skintone and filling in pores (its a primer so it is silicone based and it really smooths out my skin). It does emphasize dry patches so if you have any of those you will not like that product. However since it is silicone based I find it doesn't go patchy by the end of the day, I still get shiny but it doesn't effect the consistency of the bb primer. This could also be used as a primer as well - for me personally its enough coverage, covering redness in my skin and red acne scars pretty well. I use a real techniques expert face brush to apply (<$10 from Ulta and they go on specials).


No aloe in either of these. I usually use the Murad on no make up days and the Tarte BB on days I want to wear make up. I don't usually layer them, but sometimes.

Re: Foundation for multiple concerns

Thanks! I actually use the Murad mattifier currently & love it. I used to have suuuuuper dry skin, so I (believe it or not) love the thick consistency! That has helped some, but I'm still having troubles witch foundation. I'll definitely check out the Tarte BB. Oily skin is so much more difficult than dry skin ever was. HaHa


I can't deal with Bare Minerals. I worked at Ulta about 10 years ago when it was gaining popularity & had to do far too many makeovers with it... That & my skin reacts terribly to it. I was using Smashbox Halo powder & liked that, but it doesn't wear as well as it used to. I think I liked powder better when I was a bit younger. 


Thanks again!

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