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Foundation Match?

Hello everyone. (:

I'd like to point out that I'm 16 & I thought I'd give professional cosmetics a shot, because I feel really comfortable with all of this stuff now. 

I currently wear e.l.f cosmetics's Studio Acne Fighting Foundation in Caramel and I'm attempting to find a shade of foundation and foundation that Sephora carries will match. 

I have combination skin and dark spots/acne scars that I would LOVE to diminish. 
(I was going to try the ColorIQ, but won't be returning to my nearest Sephora until school starts at the end of this month and I'd really like to have the right foundation prior to that).

Assistance would be wonderful. Thank you in advance! 
(picture for reference) 


Re: Foundation Match?

Hi there!


Let me start by giving you some of my honest opinions. Being only 16, a heavy foundation probably won't be the best choice. I would suggest a tinted moisturizer, bb or cc or dd or ee cream (or whatever else letter combo they make).


If you do choose to use a foundation, I highly suggest that you go to your closest Sephora, Macy's, Nordies, etc etc etc, to get shade matched.


As far as a specific brand or formulation of a foundation, it would depend on your price range and type of coverage you are looking for.

Re: Foundation Match?

I could see you loving Tarte's Amazonian Clay long wear foundation or possibly Mat Velvet + by Make Up For Ever. As for shades, I'd say Tan Honey for Tarte's, and 67 or 70 in MUFE's.

Re: Foundation Match?

Thank you very much. I've been intrigued by Mat Velvet + for quite a while now and have been debating on the shades. 

Re: Foundation Match?

I think NARS, Estee Lauder, and Bobbi Brown would have great shades for you. The darker shades aren't ashy, too orange, or too red. 


With NARS, you can try the Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, which has light coverage. It will even out your skin tone and cover minor blemishes. If you get a little oily, you might need a primer and a setting powder. You can also try NARS Sheer Glow (my favorite) which has medium to full coverage. It looks really natural and beautiful in person. It's not "glowy" like the name suggests; it's more of a satin matte. 


From Estee Lauder, you can try the Double Wear Light. It's very similar to the original Double Wear, but it has light to medium coverage and it has more of a natural finish. It's not too dewy or too matte. They recently came out with new shades, so it's worth a shot. If you want to try a full coverage foundation, I recommend the Double Wear. It has full coverage, but it doesn't look cakey or feel heavy. My favorite way to apply this is with a damp sponge to get less of a full on matte finish. 


From Bobbi Brown, I like her Skin Foundation. It has medium to full coverage, but it looks really natural like skin! It's a great foundation. I think you would need a primer and setting powder with this as well. 

Re: Foundation Match?

Hi tiarachantel!


I recommend going into your local Sephora store to find your perfect foundation match. The cast member working in the store will be able to make you a sample of any of the foundations that they sell and it will be helpful for you because you will get to try a few high end foundations without having to make the commitment to buy. 


If you want to try something very lightweight but that has a nice, medium coverage, I highly recommend trying Make Up For Ever's HD Foundation. It is one of my all time favorite foundations because it makes my skin look flawless but it is still lightweight. 


Based on your picture, I think the shade 153 or 170 would work for you, but I recommend trying it on in the store just to be sure. 

<3, Randee

Re: Foundation Match?

I totally agree with weeeeweeeeeee - I think you should go with a BB or CC cream. If you go with foundation, try a lighter one. I think your skin looks great in this picture (and you, in general, are very pretty!) so I suspect the spots you mention are pretty minor. I doubt  you need a lot of coverage.


BTW, if you do get the Color IQ done at some point, I highly recommend having them do it in natural light, if at all possible. There were a lot of people complaining that it was totally off. My match, otoh, was perfect and I think it's because they did it under a skylight. (They said it worked better there.)

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