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Foundation Help!

Why does my makeup look smooth and flawless when i first put it on, but then look cracked and cakey within a couple hours? Any thoughts, suggestions? It does it with liquid foundation (LORAC) and powder foundation (Philosophy Airbrush). Is the oil in my skin breaking it down? HELP! I just want it to look smooth and natural...And I've used my fingers to apply and brushes. Same result. Thanks in advance!!

Hi Lovemyne22,   There can be quite a few different facto...

Hi Lovemyne22,


There can be quite a few different factors that can lead to that concern, makeup wearing off, separating on the skin. First and foremost hydration is key. No matter if you are oily or dry, you must wear a moisturizer. Makeup wears bests when it is applied on a surface that is well hydrated. In addition to that, exfoliation can also play a big part. A lot of times when you see that the make up starts to separate and crack, that can mean that there is dead skin cells laying on the surface of your skin, causing dryness. So it  can either produce extra oil to hydrate causing the makeup to separate or stay dry and not allow the makeup to adhere to the skin.

Primer can also be key, if anything might just be all that you need. Primers are designed to create a barrier between your skin and make-up, allowing the makeup to stay on longer and not sink into the skin. This is important especially for those who tend to be more on the oily side.

Another thing to take inconsideration is how are you layering your foundation??? You mentioned that you are using the Lorac foundation and then you are applying the Philosophy airbrush powder. Now anytime you use foundation especially liquid, it is key to start with a sheer layer and then build to your desired coverage(especially if you like the full coverage look, then you really want to start out with light layers). I also will suggest to look into using a different powder or if you are going to use the Philosophy Airbrush powder then don't use the sponge applicator it comes with. That is only good if you are using it on bare skin. But because you are applying liquid first, going in using that sponge to apply the powder will not properly set in your makeup. It will look good, but within hours it will sink into the skin. I personally love to use a pressed powder foundation or a translucent powder. I find that it adheres to the skin best, and sets the makeup with a nice smooth finish.


I hope this helpSmiley Happy




Sara B

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